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Roguelikes for PalmOS / News: Recent posts

iRogue, iLarn, kMoria = Abandonware

I am no longer able to develop or support the Roguelikes For PalmOS project. Free kitten! If you want to adopt it, talk to me and I'll transfer it to you.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2010-01-08

iRogue 1.1.1

There's a new release on the experimental branch of iRogue (Rogue for PalmOS). iRogue 1.1.1 now has support for graphical tiles, currently this is restricted to PalmOS version 3.5 or higher.

This new feature has not been tested on "all" platforms yet. Give it a whirl if you're feeling brave and please let me know if you encounter any interesting problems.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2002-05-11

kMoria 0.15

kMoria 0.15 is out (this is a port of Moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS). This is chiefly a bugfix release plus a few minor requested features. See changelog for details.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2002-03-30

kMoria 0.14 (handera!)

kMoria 0.14 is out (this is a port of Moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS). It is a "new features, new bugs" release. New features include Handera 330 support, plus some non-platform-specific things, see changelog for details.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2002-01-12

kMoria 0.13

kMoria 0.13 is out (this is a port of Moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS). This is a minor bugfix release.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2002-01-01

kMoria 0.12

kMoria 0.12 is out (this is a port of Moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS). This release has several new features including: "again" command 'g' to repeat whatever you just did, e.g. casting magic missile to the southeast.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-12-20

kMoria 0.11

kMoria 0.11 is out (this is a port of Moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS). This release has several new features including: beaming itself, your top score, or items in your inventory; multiple save files for your friends who borrow your Palm.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-08-04

iRogue 1.1.0, kMoria 0.09

(This news is a bit stale since it actually happened last night.) iRogue 1.1.0 is out - this development release is testing out some HandEra330 specific features. kMoria 0.09 adds several new features and some bug fixes.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-07-02

iLarn 0.25 alpha; survey

Version 0.25 of iLarn (Ularn for PalmOS) is released. The major changes are: user-configurable color, bug fixes (see change log), compiles with the 3.5 SDK. This is an alpha release; I'm looking for feedback and bug reports.

There is a very short iLarn survey (regarding where the "take it" button should be located when you encounter an item in the dungeon) at

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-06-16

kMoria 0.07 released; survey

Version 0.07 of kMoria (Moria for PalmOS) is released. This is still an alpha release.. the game is essentially complete and slowly shambling towards beta. New in this release are several bug fixes and a few minor requested features.

The lists of actions that can be bound to hardware buttons may be rearranged in the next version - visit to have your say in the matter.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-04-02

iLarn 0.22 beta, kMoria 0.05 alpha

New releases for iLarn (port of Ularn) and kMoria (port of Moria), roguelike games for PalmOS.
These have bug fixes and minor new features. Please report any new bugs you find, though I may not have free time to investigate them for a while.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-01-29

kMoria 0.04 alpha release

This is the first release of kMoria (a port of Unix Moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS) in which the game is complete, no major missing features. Hooray. There are bugs; and, if you try it out, I would appreciate complaints about the user interface.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2001-01-12

kMoria 0.03 (early alpha)

kMoria (port of unix moria 5.5.2 for PalmOS) is somewhat playable now, though there are still bugs and major missing parts. Alpha release 0.03 is available here temporarily:
and will be deposited in File Releases after the holidays.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2000-12-23

iLarn 0.10 beta release

iLarn, a roguelike game for PalmOS, is in beta:
"Deliverables are essentially complete", no serious known bugs. (Sorry to any who spotted it on New Releases yesterday when there were no files available. Honest, I've got them uploaded now.)

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2000-10-18

iRogue 0.42 omega release

A couple of bug fixes; very little different from the 0.42 beta of iRogue (a roguelike game for PalmOS). The only real novelty is that I've uploaded this version to

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2000-10-13

iLarn 0.04 alpha release

First code release. This version of iLarn, a roguelike game for PalmOS, should have fewer bugs than the previous 0.02 (thanks, alpha testers).

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2000-09-04

iLarn, kMoria in CVS

iLarn (alpha port of Ularn) and kMoria (pre-alpha port of Moria 5.5.2) are in CVS now for the benefit of folks who like to borrow code.. you know who you are. These are ports of roguelike games to Palm OS. Expect a "beta" code release of iLarn sometime soon; but don't hold your breath for kMoria, it has a long way to go.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2000-08-27

iRogue 0.42 beta release

A new version of iRogue, a roguelike game for PalmOS, has been released. 0.42 adds several requested features (optional small font, more flexible movement system and improved save/restore) but still has known minor bugs.

Posted by Bridget Spitznagel 2000-08-24