Iuri Fiedoruk

An open-source, SDL based, game engine to replicate old style Rockman (aka Megaman) games, being as close as possible of Rockman 1-6, and an editor made with Qt, for custom graphics, weapons, bosses, enemies and level creation. Please access our web page for more details.
The engine code is meant to be highly portable, thanks to SDL, and have been ported and tested in:
- Linux
- Windows
- macOSX (x86)
- Playstation 2
- Nintendo DS (abandoned)
- Dingux
- Open Pandora

Any system with SDL and 24 or 32 MB should be able to run it. Porters are welcome!

Screenshot thumbnail
Intro Screen
Screenshot thumbnail
Skull Castle Stage #2
Screenshot thumbnail
Two player game, running on Linux
Screenshot thumbnail
Beta 2 release
Screenshot thumbnail
Editing NPC sprites
Screenshot thumbnail
Mummy Bot stage

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