Timestamping & Time Formatting

Eric G
  • Eric G

    Eric G - 2013-09-26

    Can you confirm that date and timestamp of source files are preserved in the mirroring process ? Additionally, I cannot deterime proper hour:min formatting for scheduling.

    For example: To schedule at 3am I inserted 03:00 and also tried 3:00. Both show after save (30:0_). Please advise...

    This is a great piece of software (by the way :-) )

  • Martin Kinkelin

    Martin Kinkelin - 2014-08-24

    There used to be timestamp issues with FAT partitions because of the /FFT switch not being used. It is now a default setting.
    I've also modified the DateTimePicker control you mentioned so that entering dates and times should work fine for all cultures now.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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