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robologspace-0.1 has been released


is a library to create and manage different kinds of regions as used in the Coach Language of the RoboCup Soccer Server. There are a few more types of regions that can be used. To compile the ROBOLOGSPACE library, you need also the ROBOLOGBASE library (for some basic data types).

Posted by Oliver Obst 2003-05-13

robologbase-0.1 has been released


is a library that contains basic data types for the RoboLog soccer library. This includes a (geometric) vector class and some types that represent different kinds of angles. ROBOLOGBASE can make use of the
LABERLOG logging system for error messages.

Posted by Oliver Obst 2003-05-13

robocup2flash-0.3 has been released

This version fixes bugs with displaying the goalie and the correct
server cycle. Additionally, new playmodes have been added.

Posted by Oliver Obst 2003-03-15

rla-0.2 has been released

The update from 0.1 includes command line options to check
only one of the teams. rla-0.2 now also compiles with gcc 2.95.

Posted by Oliver Obst 2002-11-06

rla-0.1 has been released

rla (Record Log Analyzer) creates a summary from information
contained in RoboCup Soccer Server Record Logfiles (see for the RoboCup Soccer
Server). rla prints a summary containing the number
of clashes and holes and can be used to track timing problems.

Posted by Oliver Obst 2002-11-06