#383 Java 8 lamba expressions cause ClassNotFoundException

This error was reported here on the Discussion Forum by Jesper Pipping:

Description follows here:

Robocode seems to have a problem with Lambdas. When I try to run robocode with a robot that has a lambda passed as a method parameter, it fails with a ClassNotFoundException.

Here's a minimal case that shows the behaviour.
When this is on the classpath and Robocode is loaded, it will display an exception. When a battle is started, the robot will not be available.
If you comment out the line:
aLamdbdaMethod(o -> true);
...and rebuild, robocode will now start without exception and the robot is available to do battle.


  • Flemming N. Larsen

    • Group: Future Release -->
  • Jesper Pipping

    Jesper Pipping - 2016-12-21

    I have tested the fix from version on the original problem, and it appears to be resolved.

    Many thanks,

  • Flemming N. Larsen

    • status: open --> closed
  • Flemming N. Larsen

    Fixed with version


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