#335 Skipped turns ... issues

Hi mate. Looks like i got some work for you :)

We had a quite long discussion about skipped turns on http://robowiki.net/wiki/User_talk:Wompi#Skipped_Turns_..._what_to_know_about.3F_956 and it looks like there are some issues with the skipped turns:

  • robots get skipped turn events but actually never skip the turn (happens only by one turn skips)
  • robots skip turns but get no skipped turn events
  • after a skipped turn(s) the robot gets the wrong enemy bearing/distance and can not calculate the right x,y position of the enemy
    -it also happens that the robot gets 2 scan events in a 1vs1 match with time differences out of order
  • minor - the skipped turn message shows the turn number of the last turn and not the actual skipped turn number
  • faster client speed causes more skipped turn

I wrote a little test bot (can be downloaded from the above link) to demonstrate the issues. Maybe it helps to detect what is going around.

I might be wrong about the issues because i'm not very used to the skipped turns right now, but would be nice if you could have a look at this.

thanks in advance and
take care


  • Flemming N. Larsen

    This bug will be handled on a bigger release, i.e. the 1.8.0 as this feature could have a great impact on the game e.g. for RoboRumble. So it needs careful testing etc.

  • Chase

    Chase - 2012-11-25

    I get some interesting skipped turned stuff too.

    On my latest test, the SYSTEM says Nene is skipping turns, but none of the data I get in game supports this.

    I put a checker into the onStatus method, and according to it, the robot never actually skipped a turn (I am fairly sure Nene's movement isn't so intensive it would skip so many turns).

    SYSTEM: Nene MC62 skipped turn 39
    38: time - lastTime = 1
    SYSTEM: Nene MC62
    skipped turn 40
    39: time - lastTime = 1
    SYSTEM: Nene MC62* skipped turn 41
    40: time - lastTime = 1

  • Flemming N. Larsen

    • milestone: Future Release --> 1.8.1
  • Flemming N. Larsen

    • status: accepted --> closed

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