#25 Make better use of OSM data


As the FAQ say, OpenStreetMap support is very rudimentary at the moment. At this moment, OSM data is not actually usable, since city/street names are not displayed etc.
However, improvement of the OSM code is not on the ToDo list, so it looks as though RoadNav is not going to be usable for non-American countries. What are the future plans for this?


  • Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch - 2007-03-30

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    Well, the city names aren't displayed since they're not present in the OSM data. The street names should be shown if you zoom in far enough or tweak the preferences to show them farther zoomed out. There aren't any plans to add more support for OSM unless the OSM data is enhanced to link streets to cities/states/countries.

  • Albert L Faber

    Albert L Faber - 2007-12-13

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    I'm currently working on the OSM import, last couple of days I commited some changes, so at least it will import the OSM v0.5 data, and it will show the city/town labels. In addition, it should now also support unicode names (e.g. eastern european names) and it will take oneway streets into account. There is still work left to made additional improvements, currently the name finder does not work yet with OSM


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