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Rnews 1.00 released

A major new release of Rnews is now available after beta-testing by several in the community (thanks!). You can read more information at the project home page: http://rnews.sourceforge.net/

New features:
* filter option to show only feeds with new articles
* item toolbar for marking favorites, read, older-read, deleting,
changing font, direct link, and showing article publication date
* added option for snippets of article contents
* UTF-8 support for proper display of international feeds
- search bar is context-sensitive, ie, searches are limited to
category or feed being viewed (unless using advanced search)
- guest/default users cannot mutate feed/article state, but can view
- add link to next-in-category on the "see all" page of a feed
- cron script for updating by command-line on the server... read more

Posted by Anthony Wood 2009-07-08

rnews 0.92 released, minor bug fixes and features

rnews 0.92 has been released. This fixes a couple of bugs in 0.90/0.91:
- fix new installation problem with creating database
- fix addition of empty article when feed is purged

Some small features added:
- show feed redirections/moves when loading
- show link to feed enclosures (such as mp3s) in description
- accept gzip encoded feeds (Snoopy patch)

Posted by Anthony Wood 2008-06-06

rnews 0.91 released, minor bug fix for 0.90

New installations of Rnews in which the DB must be created would fail due to a small bug. This release 0.91 is drop-in compatible with 0.90.

Posted by Anthony Wood 2008-05-02

rnews 0.90 released

This release has a raft of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. It's definitely the best Rnews, yet. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and bug reports!
* Feeds are scored using personalized statistics, one- and two-column block views are more flexible, keyword search is supported, heuristics try to fix broken feeds, and feeds may be added using bookmarklets or a Firefox extension.
* New user options were added for keeping stats, expanding articles in single-feed view, and opening links in a new window.
* Rnews received a styling upgrade, with rollover icons and more AJAX interaction.
* IP-locked cookies are now optional (though recommended).
* Many bug fixes, in caching, IE presentation, redirects, and elsewhere.... read more

Posted by Anthony Wood 2008-04-26

rnews 0.81 released

Rnews is a server-side RSS/Atom feed aggregator. We've release version 0.81, with a few bug fixes and new features. See our project's web page for details.

Posted by Anthony Wood 2007-10-16

rnews 0.80 released

New developer added, and a new release. This release has been a long time coming (it's hard to improve on perfection, eh?), but brings with it several new features, particularly in the area of security, use of AJAX, and code restructuring. See the complete list of features above. The included versions of MagpieRSS and Snoopy have been upgrade to 0.72 and 1.2.3, respectively.

Database schema has changed somewhat, so upgrade by exporting to OPML, using the web install interface, and importing from OPML.... read more

Posted by Anthony Wood 2007-06-08

rnews-0.71 released

you may download rnews-0.71 here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/rnews/rnews-0.71.tar.gz?download

please d/l this instead of 0.70, if you have already installed 0.70, nuke your links table, and it will be re-created the first time you visit the user prefs page

Posted by Adrian Rollett 2004-11-30

new release - rnews-0.7

This relase is a fairly major update - support for atom is added, along with a revised database schema and various smaller bugfixes

Posted by Adrian Rollett 2004-11-30

new release - rnews-0.63

This release is an update that allows rnews to function without the register_globals server configuration variable enabled. Upgrading is not necessary unless rnews is non-functional. rnews-0.63 is available at http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/rnews/rnews-0.63.tar.gz?download

Posted by Adrian Rollett 2003-08-20

rss feed now available

Appropriately enough, an rss feed for rnews information (including new file releases) is now available at http://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_projnews.php?group_id=83806&rss_fulltext=1

Posted by Adrian Rollett 2003-08-04

new release - rnews-0.62

This release is an update for a few things - mostly formatting and rendering, but now parses pubDate in addition to dc:date, and a security fix. I recommend upgrading, keeping in mind that rnews_config.inc has been renamed to rnews_config.php. rnews-0.62 is available at http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/rnews/rnews-0.62.tar.gz?download

Posted by Adrian Rollett 2003-08-04

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