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HTML-Merge 3.50

Impoved mergecreateinstance.
other packaging minor bug fixes.

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2005-09-17

HTML-Merge 3.47

Improved documentation, some
bug fixes in the repository
sample application

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2004-12-18


A bug fix in mergecreateinstance, grid improvement in the repository sample

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2004-11-20


Compile bug fix.
mergecreateinstance bug fix.

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2004-11-15


- private/perl/ security bug fix
- private/perl/toolbox mod_perl 2.0 compatible

Posted by Roi Illouze 2004-10-30

Patch for security problem

Relevant to all Merge 3.x - 3.42 (we will have relase soon
where will be fixed).

You must apply patch if your server is exposed
and you need the privte directory on your server.

Please see the patch we submited.

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2004-10-23

Html::Merge 3.42 is back

- Aix patch is not back since it's a woraround more then a real solution
- Major bug in session table creation has been fixed
- Data::Password was separated from the main project
and is new a prerequisite module
this release is a pre release till the new version
will be finished and beta tested since radical changes
will be applyed to the upcomming version

Posted by Roi Illouze 2004-04-17

HTML::Merge Ver 3.42

We decided to withdraw version 3.42 as it was never loaded to CPAN and to go back to 3.41.
If you needed 3.42 for AIX compile problem, please use 3.41
and applay patch 712287.
We are about to start some engine rewrite and more
documentation soon.

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2003-11-29

New ver. 3.42

compilation failed on none linux machine fixed

Posted by Roi Illouze 2003-05-31

new ver 3.41

Enabling install in win32 (tested with ActivePerl).
mercreateinstance - modification to allow work in win32.
improoved INSTALL documentation.
fix of AIX compile error.

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2003-05-17

New ver 3.40

- Improved mergecreateinstance script for easier setup
- Bug fix regarding DBD::SQLite integration
- Some bogs in the cookie scheme were fix still 1 to go

Posted by Roi Illouze 2003-03-14

Version 3.39

Bug fixes from 3.38
- problem working with an external Database
as a system DB has been solven
- few improvement in the security backend.

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-11-12

New ver 3.38

- improved SQLite handling
- improved mergecreateinstance
- all of the new Repository application files are in the package
- Still no Repository documentation ... lazy lazy me
- No template eror bug fixed

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-10-22

New ver 3.37

This version is a new step in the evolution of Merge
this version include the Merge Repository which is a DB scheme for creating
forms objects in an absolute manner + a grid object for data manipulation
All of the features above are in production status but they appear for the first time as a part of the Merge package all of these features are not documented yet. This is due to the fact that the Repository lacks a development IDE and is still in Beta stages.... read more

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-09-28

Changes ver 3.36

- Sticky cookie interface enhancement
- Content type feature in INI file
- Dynamic page header by using the content_type key in the url string
- No more use of autoflush in merge

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-07-02

DBD::SQLite used by Merge 3.35

Merge is now using DBD::SQLite for it's internal tables. This
will improve portability as we seperate user database from
Merge own tables.

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2002-06-18

New fetures in merge 3.35

- Merge can use dynamic engines keys (made out of RVAR tags)
- New RVERSION tag gives merge current ver

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-06-18

Feature enhacment in 3.34

user is prompted with more information
user can skip httpd.conf update

Posted by Oded S. Resnik 2002-06-01

Bug Fix in ver. 3.34

- bug in else if currrected
- IP tracking machnisim fixed

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-05-30

Bug fixes in ver 3.32

-- ver 3.32 --
1) mergecreateinstance will now work (fix from ver 3.31)
2) Merge stopped using locale in HTTP headers
3) security backend user set password is working now

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-04-16

Bug fix in mergecreateinstance

A shameless syntax error in Merge ver 3.31 has been corrected

Posted by Roi Illouze 2002-04-16

Bug fixes

-- ver 3.31 --
1) Merge will now handle correctly templates with syntax error. (Been broken between releases 3.27 and 3.30)
2) Using <$RINCLUDE> on a non existent template will yield an error.

Posted by Ariel Brosh 2002-03-21


The <$RPIC> tag now supports 3 formats:

X(number of time).'text'

A{CSPRLW}(printf format).'text'
D(POSIX strftime format).'date'

The online help contains more details.

Posted by Ariel Brosh 2002-03-21

'Freeze' option.

A new feature allows you to precompile all the templates in your instance, so the site can be run without the source files residing on the server.
Source code obfuscation my be applied manually on the precompiled template files.

Posted by Ariel Brosh 2002-03-21