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RLIB 1.3.7 Released.

- Support cursors w/ forward only navigation (Me, Zoltan)
- CSV Data Source (Me)
- Valid XHTML HTML Output (Me, Al)
- RPDF Compression (Zoltan)
- OSX Build/Link Fixes
- Crashes Fixed

Posted by Bob Doan 2006-08-10

rlib 1.3.5 Released

RLIB 1.3.5 adds fully Python binding support. The compiler/executer has been improved to show warnings/errors with offending line numbers and expressions. A few stability issues were fixed.

Posted by Bob Doan 2005-10-07

RLIB 1.3.3 Released

RLIB 1.3.3 is a major step forward from previous versions. Internally RLIB can now run on Windows and 64 bit machines. Utf8 support has been restored to the engine. PERL Bindings have been added. Delayed output has been added so you can have subtotals before data actually appears on the report, and you can have "Page x/y". There is now better user control of Graphs so the look and feel can be improved. There is support for multi column reports so generating mailing labels is much easier. The bugs in the ODBC datasource have been fixes and a new XML datasource has been added.

Posted by Bob Doan 2005-05-03

RLIB 1.3.2 Released

RLIB 1.3.2 introduces a brand new GPL'd PDF generation library called RPDF. This means that RLIB is now 100% GPL'd. RLIB 1.3.2 also restores python and java functionality. The error checking has been greatly improved in the engine. Documentation is now included in the release. Some minor problems have been worked out in the graphing engine.

Posted by Bob Doan 2005-03-08

RLIB 1.3.1 Released

SICOM Systems is pleaded to announce the release of RLIB 1.3.1! Major changes include the ability to have PIE, LINE, and BAR Graphs in HTML and PDF! Examples can be found at http://www.sicom.com/~bdoan/report.pdf AND http://www.sicom.com/~bdoan/report.html

Posted by Bob Doan 2005-01-20

RLIB 1.3.0 - Better then last time

This is the first beta release of RLIB in the 1.4 release cycle. RLIB now supports parts, fixed and flow layouts, bold and italics. There is a now a PHP array input method and the ability to have non static XML files loaded in. The RLIB language has been improved and new functions such as "eval" have been added

Posted by Bob Doan 2004-11-17

RLIB 1.2.1 Released

All reported bugs have been fixed from the 1.2.0 release. Support has also been added for a PHP Array data source.

Posted by Bob Doan 2004-09-24

rlib 1.1.9 released!

RLIB 1.1.9 brings about many bug fixes noticed over the past releases.

- Able to really disable UTF8 (me)
- Make Python really work (me)
- i18n fixed (me)
- Fix numeric conversion so '-' works when the integer value is 0.
- Compile Fixes

Posted by Bob Doan 2004-07-08

RLIB Version 1.1.8 Released

RLIB, a leading *NIX reporting package has been released today. New features include UTF8 through out the backends, Paper types, java binding support, more examples, and bug fixes.

Posted by Bob Doan 2004-05-18

rlib 1.1.7 released

- GLIB Integration (bob)
- XML 2.6 fixes (chet)
- Portability, cleanup Heri Steuer <steuer@unixsystems.de>
- New Date, Time, and String Functions (chet)
- Because of parsing reasons change "text" to "literak" (me)
- RLIB XML Compiler and Loader (me)
- Major pcode cleanup, syntax same everywhere (chet)
- Work around newer PHP's API Bugs (me)
- Be more careful about freeing memory (chet)
- Correct prototypes for all functions (chet)
- Process report variables is a different order so they always work (me, chet)
- Added more constants.. make rlib pcode more sane (chet)
- Fix spelling mistakes in for RLIB Syntax (chet)
- A RLIB DTD (chet)
- And lots of behind the scenes cleanups (me, chet)

Posted by Bob Doan 2004-01-21

rlib-1.1.6 Released

This is mainly a bug fix release. We fixed a few compile problems, along with autoconf problems. We also fixed some problems with breaking and some HTML output problems.

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-12-12

RLIB 1.1.5 Released

- rlib_add_parameter (chet)
- optional memory checking (chet)
- reports can span multiple pages (bob)
- fix problems w/ postgre and odbc driver (bob)
- ability to disable signal handling (chet)
- page footer formats correctly now (bob)
- pcode compilation fixes (chet, bob)
- better xml parsing and error checking (chet)
- surpress lines and hr's (bob)

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-12-03


- odbc input
- layout bug fixes
- better I18N support
- followers and leader queries
- faster report generation

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-11-17



- New One Line Functions for simple reports from John Buckman <john@magnatune.com>
- Python Bindings
- new date() function to retuen date/time to rlib
- allow for non lowercase database file names
- better error checking/ less crashes
- faster report generation

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-11-07


- Fix RLIB so Postgre actually works
- Make PDF output 3x faster by caching fields on a line before writing them

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-10-24


Announcing RLIB 1.1.1 - We're gonna party like its your birthday

RLIB 1.1.1 is the result of weeks of intensive work, to make RLIB more usable for more people. First off, support for postgresql has been added. All database back ends (mysql, postgre) are separate libraries now. PHP support is also a separate library now. This means you can use RLIB from c/c++ as well now. But perhaps the most exciting feature in RLIB 1.1.1 is the ability to have multiple datasources. Forinstnace, if you have a two mysql databases, and one postgre on different servers.. you can use rlib to make reports from all the datasources.... read more

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-10-23


* Support for multiple reports in one report
* Autoconf support

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-09-30

RLIB 1.0 Released

RLIB, the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Report Generator has reached version 1.0!!! Use RLIB to create PDF, HTML, Text, CSV reports from a few simple PHP commands and a XML definition file. Developer documentation is also provided.

Posted by Bob Doan 2003-09-12

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