#122 FIXED IN SVN: folding only works after reloading R script


Some of the recent changes seem to have introduced a problem with the code folding.

Code folding does not work (or not correctly) unlessl the file is reloaded (pressing F5).
After that it works fine.

Version 0.5.7z+0.5.8+devel1
Using KDE Development Platform 4.4.92 (KDE 4.4.92 (KDE 4.5 RC2))


  • Thomas Friedrichsmeier

    • assigned_to: nobody --> tfry
  • Thomas Friedrichsmeier

    Hi Ralf!

    Wow, that's a pretty mysterious problem. It took me some time to reproduce this. Apparently, the ingredients are:
    - a script that is not too short
    - problem does not occur the *first* time a script was opened, and may or may not come up, subsequently. When it does come up for a certain file, the problem will persist for that file, even across sessions.
    - When the problem occurs, the document config for that file will always have
    Highlighting=R Script
    - changing that to
    Highlighting=R Script
    Mode=R Script
    makes the problem go away.

    Based on the last bit, I invented a hack that seems to fix them problem, here. The actual cause is still a mystery to me. Please test.

    (In case you want to toy with this, before updating: The relevant config is _currently_ saved in ~/.kde/share/apps/rkward/workspace_config_SOME_MD5_SUM.)


  • Ralf  Tautenhahn

    Ralf Tautenhahn - 2012-09-05

    Sorry that I gave you such a hard time reproducing this bug!

    It works now.
    Thank you Thomas!

  • Thomas Friedrichsmeier

    Well, thanks for reporting! Receiving bug reports shortly after doing the changes that introduced the bug helps a _lot_. A few months later, I don't think I would have had any idea on where to start looking.

    This bug only affected the SVN version, no official release, so I'm closing the report, directly.

  • Thomas Friedrichsmeier

    • summary: code folding only works after reloading a R script --> FIXED IN SVN: folding only works after reloading R script
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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