Rootkit Hunter announces release 1.2.9

The Rootkit Hunter project team is happy to announce the release of 1.2.9.

For download please see:

>From the changelog:
- Added support for RHEL WS/AS/ES 3, Taroon update 8
- Added support for Fedora Core 5
- Added support for SuSE 10
- Added check for packet capturing applications
(see rkhunter.conf for whitelisting)
- Added check for processes using deleted files
(see rkhunter.conf for whitelisting)
- Enabled netstat check for AIX
- Enabled backdoor check for SunOS
- Enabled logfile specification and checks

That's not all, please see the website or changelog for details.

My sincere thanks to all who made this project and this release possible.


Posted by unSpawn 2006-09-30

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