#27 cron job configuration suggestion

Rkhunter (37)

I am currently using Fedora 14 (fully updated as of this writing).

I am not sure whether it's the Fedora or rkhunter developers who created the cron.daily file for rkhunter.

Working on the assumption (yeah I know, I know) that rkhunter developers are creating a cron.daily file I have the following suggestion.

Currently when rkhunter's cron job is running it's hogging CPU resources and causing the system to run really really slow. Therefore, I think it would be nice (pun not intended) to have something like:

renice +15 -p $$
ionice -c2 -p $$

placed inside the cron.daily file.

Thanks. :-)

p.s. the actual values are, of course, subjective.


  • John Horne

    John Horne - 2011-11-10
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  • John Horne

    John Horne - 2011-11-10

    No, we do not provide a cron.daily file. You need to contact the Fedora maintainer, or use the Fedora bugzilla, about this problem.


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