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Rising Tide Online / News: Recent posts

3D Engine

Hey, just a quick update. It looks like we will be using the IRRlicht 3D Engine. We are not completely sure of this, but very close to finalizing it. We just need to have a working cel shader for the engine and then we go on to the next phase in the developement. ;D

Posted by taelmx 2006-12-04

What we have so far!

We kinda scrapped the Crystalspace engine, and we now are either using IRRlicht, DirectX9, or OpenGL. Check out the wiki for some new stuff. ;D

We have a storyline and many more resources done also.

Posted by taelmx 2006-12-04

Game Engine

We will be using Crystalspace for a game engine. It has support for shaders and has a skinnable GUI system(CEGUI). Other features include a particle system, 3ds and Blender support, and collision detection. Credit:(

Please visit the official homepage of the project here:

Posted by taelmx 2006-11-14