davids - 2006-08-08

So, let's get started. 

We (Greenfield Community College, Greenfield MA) have multiple systems, none of which adequately address a core need of most any academic institution, namely managing and publishing (whether print, online, cd) the course catalog with its program requirements, prerequisites, schedules, etc.  The software intended to address these needs fails on numerous points, most notably integration, thus creating more work rather than less for staff administering the system and students and faculty trying to get good information from it.

This system will be built with Python on the Django framework (http://www.djangoproject.com). The UI will be built on sound XHTML + CSS + Javascript.  The data model will permit integration with existing systems where required, providing a single data management point.  It will provide a user-friendly interface both for administrators and, significantly, students and advisors, enabling the best possible decision making for course selection and planning.  Systems that promise less and fail even at that cost around $40K plus annual licensing.  The value to cash-strapped institutions is substantial.