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Version .22

Not much done in the TODO list, but fixed two minor things:
First, the interlaced/progressive detection now works better.
Second, the default output filename is now the basename for the input.
You should still use export to actually encode.

Posted by shamgar 2008-11-11

Release 0.20

New version features cropdetect that works with mplayer versions that have the sstep-cropdetect bug.
Also, queue is now 100% nicer, you can remove items from it =).

Posted by shamgar 2008-05-30

New Release

I have added a few bug fixes, mostly installation type fixes.

Posted by shamgar 2008-05-29

First Release

The first release is up. You can download the tar.gz on the download page. It's beta so for the freshest version use the mercurial:
hg clone

Posted by shamgar 2008-05-26

Mercurial up

The mercurial repository is up, to reach it use:

To download the latest source type:
hg clone

Posted by shamgar 2008-05-26