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The installation procedure is
	1. ./configure
	2. make
	3. su -c "make install"

If you can't be root, use '--prefix=' option when running configure.

To build ripperX, you need GTK2 >= 2.6, Glib >= 2.6, and gettext >= 0.15.
You will also need id3lib (

If you have autoconf >= 2.60 and recent versions of automake and libtool,
you can re-libtoolize the build environment by using, which
will run configure for you.

You will need cdparanoia to rip digital audio from your CD-ROM. You can
get the latest version at
(Hint: Use the -d option to spec your cdrom drive.)

You will also need one of the supported OGG, FLAC, or MP3 encoders. 

Well, that's all. Have fun.
ripperX - a graphical interface to rip cd audio and encode mp3 files.
written by TeJun, Huh, Scott Sams and Jos Dehaes

Version 2.6 by:
Tony Mancill <>
Dave Cinege <>

Version 2.7 by:
Tony Mancill <>
Paul Mangan <>
and patches contributed by Paul Fox and <>