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* If cdparanoia returns something that cannot be parsed suring the scan, 
then ripperX will simply hang on startup.  This is known to occur on 
Fedora Core 3 when the CDROM device for cdparanoia has been forced 
(using -d <device>) and that device is not available.  In this specific 
situation, you can either edit your ~/.ripperXrc by hand, or delete it.
ripperX should be able to detect the cdparanoia error output correctly
if the cdrom device is not forced.

* Sometimes the calculated remaining time is way off. This happens when 
cdparanoia finds a scratch or jitter on the CD and it must spend a LOT of 
extra time fixing things. The calculation is based on an average of the number
of sectors read in a certain time period. So all it takes is a few jittery
sectors to throw the completion time off.

* Sometimes, especially if using the non-http cddb protocol, ripperX will 
appear to hang while looking up the CDDB info. This may because the network 
connection is very slow, or it is having trouble doing a DNS lookup.

* If ripperX is ever acting strange, especially after upgrading, try deleting 
your ~/.ripperXrc file.  This should reset things to the defaults.

* Don't delete the directory you started ripperX in while running ripperX. 
Also, do not delete any of the directories used to store the mp3 or wav 
files while the program is running.

* Sometimes with new CDs you will get a CDDB error 22: CD not found in 
database.  You can try using another CDDB server. The default one is 
freedb.org, which sometimes is not as up to date as cddb.com. Try changing 
the CDDB server to something like us.cddb.com (port 888) or 
us.cddb.com/~cddb/cddb.cgi (for HTTP).