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Version 2.8.0

* Convert repositoy from SVN to Git.
* Switch langauge from C to C++
* Use taglib instead of libid3 & various helper programs
* Don't strip unsafe characters from ID3 tags (not needed with library)
* Strip "?" from file names (needed for FAT32, etc)
* Add eject button
* Adjust widget alignment; replace some xpms with equivalent builtins
* When only creating .wav files, save metadata in corresponding .inf file
* fix bugs that caused select buttons to get out of sync


Version 2.7.3

* Add Glacian translation.  Thank you to Miguel Bouzada.
* Add German translation.  Thank you to Chris Leick. (Debian #550207)
* Increase width of main menu slightly ("Go" button was being clipped).
* Automatically select all tracks after a CDDB lookup - by popular demand.
* Correct typos in error messages.  Thank you Chris Leick. (Debian #550208)
* Apply buffer overflow patches (LP #514739)
* Apply patch to no longer put underscore instead of space in id3 tag
  (LP #671852)
* distclean target removes .gmo translation build artifacts
* Apply patches from Robert Turnbull
  - Add year to Vorbis tags
  - Tags FLAC encoded files with metaflac

Version 2.7.2 

Remove auto-generated files from SVN source tree.  You should be able to
build the package from the source tarball by running ./configure ; make.  
If that fails, make sure you have automake, libtool, and autoconf installed
and use ./autogen.sh.

Version 2.7.1 

  - Italian translation added.

  - Spanish translation added.

* significant contributions from twb (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net!

  - Revamp build system to use autoconf, automake, and libtool.
    autoconf >= 2.60 is needed, as well as recent automake and autoconf

  - Internationalization support has been added.
    gettext >= 0.15.x is required

  - GTK2 interface
    GTK2 >= 2.6.x is required
    Glib >= 2.6.x is required

    Not all deprecated GTK functions have been replaced yet. I've add the
    ./configure flag --disable-deprecated, as a dev helper. Currently, as
    there are still deprecated functions, a build will fail if this flag is

* fix gtk_start_pack_box assertion error messages.
* add ripperX.xpm icon file

* apply child reaper fix from Paul Fox to correctly clean
  up plugin processes when running under dash.

* remove internal versions of id3.c and id3lib.c and use libid3 directly
  - migrate internal functions to misc_utils.c
* remove refererence to xpms.h
* add <string.h> to source files using str functions
* updated ./src/Makefile.in to link against libz (used by libid3)
* updated cdplay arguments
* replaced splay with play (typically part of the sox package)
* inverted the order of changes in this file

Version 2.7.0 2006-04-16

* applied ID3v2 patches (provided by Ben Zonneveld - thanks!)
  - compilation now depends on id3lib

* changed how vorbiscomment is invoked for tagging OGG files; 
the OGG file no longer has to be copied during tagging

Version 2.6.7 2005-11-06

* misc_utils.c: file_path_without_name() null-terminates returned string
  (fixes problem with playlists)

* select_frame_handler.c:  no longer auto-selects a track when it
receives cursor focus for editing.  This circumvents the call to 
put_track_title() which was causing the cursor to jump to the end
of the text buffer.


* err_dialog_handler.h:  added two new error errno codes for cdparanoia
* ripper_encoder_manipulation.c:  tweaked the cdparanoia processing code
  to work with Fedora Core 3 and to detect no disc as compared to no perms
  (unless -sv is being used); updated error messages related to cdparanoia

Version 2.6.5 2005-06-01

* fixed ID3v1 problem with vorbis tags in OGG files where song titles are
  longer than 30 characters
* added basic m3u playlist support (unqualified filenames in target dir);
  the config dialog option is in "Files"
* modified df check in misc_utils.c to use -P (POSIX output), to ignore 
  stderr, and to tail only the last line returned

Version 2.6.4 2004-11-21

* fixed awk field fetched from df in misc_utils.c  (SF #869947)
* added more bitrate options (32, 40, 48, 80, 224)
* added support for toolame encoder; note that toolame output files are
  given the .mp3 extension (even though they are technically MPEG layer
  2 files).  This is done purposefully to not confuse the issue for
  folks, as I think that most audio players out there today recognize
  MPEG layer 2 formatted files without issue.

Version 2.6.3 2004-10-24

* applied priority patch; allows the encoder nice priority to be set
  (SF #870373)

* applied AMD64 patches - thanks to Stefan Fuchs
  (SF #920105)

* hacked on cddb.c to try to address CDDB DTITLE entries without
  ' / ' between the artist and disc title 
  (this is an attempt to address SF #882144)

Version 2.6.2 2004-10-09

* fix put_track_title() in misc_utils.c to explicitly null-terminate
  the string after removing trailing spaces
  (thanks to Ken Wakasa and Clemens Gerlach for submitting patches)

* fix to real_local_file() in cddb.c to add the path separator when
  accessing local CDDB files (instead of querying them from a CDDB server)
  (thanks to Steve Bresson for the patch)

* fixed offset [ tracknum ] function definition problems in cddbp.c
  (SF #1030728)

* changed "Encode to mp3" to simply "Encode" (SF #963164)
  changed "Rip wav" to "Rip to WAV" as well

Version 2.6.1 2004-01-04

tony mancill <tmancill@debian.org>

* Rick Coupland <rick@soloca.com> provided significant patches to the 
2.6.0 source tree, including:
	- Handle track artist data in freedb data & use it in ID3 tags.
	- Allow entry by user of track artists in the track name using 
		the same format as freedb (Artist / Title).
    - Config data is now saved when the OK button is clicked rather than
		waiting until the program exits.
	- The MP3 "File name format" config entry from the General tab is now 
		used as the default track name format.  The Wav "File name format"
		config entry is not used at all.  Actual file names are always 
		constructed using the "Filename format string" from the Files 
		configuration tab.

* functions in cddp.c now return -1 if they fail to read from the CDDB server
  (thanks to Erid de Castro Lopo <erikd@mega-nerd.com> for the bug report and 
  patch via the Debian BTS)

Version 2.6 2003-09-20

Dave Cinege <dcinege@psychosis.com>

	* Upped version number to 2.6
	* Names now fully unix safe!

	*     Cddb names are converted before entry into the editting window
	*     Wrote high_ascii_to_low_ascii()
	*     Rewrote remove_non_unix_chars() (Renamed from remove_non_unix() )
	*     Rewrote convert_spaces() and convert_slashes()
	*     ASCII 160-255 now converted to printable lower ascii equivilents
	*     Unprintable/Evil chars are removed instead of replaced (shrinks str)
	*     Convert title/names only, user supplied path is not altered
	*     Arguments surrounded by single quotes, for shell safeness

	* rmdir wav work dir, if wav files are not kept && wav_dir != mp3_dir
	* Prettied up 'finished' window
	* Fixed disk space check (wrong position, awk $3 !$4)
	* Time Info in progress dialog made 275 wide to fit text
	* Ripping progress dialog made 130 wide to fit text
	* Fixed ripping progress (cdparanoia 9.8)
	* Now use glibc openpty(). Requires libutil.
	* Fixed cddb parsing of Artist / Album. UNFIXABLE BUG: Artist contains " / "

Version 2.5+ Debian package

Tony Mancill <tony@mancill.com>

	? [ 784517 ] RipperX (latest) has percentage error.

	? [ 778860 ] ogg files created in wrong directory

	* added FLAC support (the only major change)

	* set LC_NUMERIC locale to POSIX (to fix decimal point problems in the

	* halfway fixed the non-Unix character in filename problem.  (Thanks for
	finishing this.  I need to look more closely at how you did it.  The only
	thing that occurs to me to watch out for is internationalization.)

	* hacked the oggenc plugin so that progress bars work better with the 1.0
	release of vorbis tools

Version 2.5 2003/01/18
    -fix file/albumdir names
    -vorbis tagging now works

Version 2.4 2002/09/23
	-integrated debian patch
		*don't give away user info on cddb query
		*correct commandline options for lame
		*correct commandline for gogo
		*correct extension for ogg files
	-fixed segfault in error dialogs
	-make ogg progress bars move
	-always write id3 tag when requested 
	-sync up select_frame and main data
	-check diskspace before even attempting to rip/encode
	-disable plugins when no encoder for it found
	-check if wav/mp3 path exists, if not, propose to create it
	-enable album dirs and id3tags by default

Version 2.3 2001/11/19
	-Integrated most outstanding patches
	-fixed some annoying bugs
	-updated some docs
Version 2.2 08/07/2001

Jos Dehaes
	-Integrated some contributed patches
	-updated some docs
	-added support to edit the album and the artist

Version 2.1 30/01/2001

Jos Dehaes
	-Fixed bug in gogo-plugin so progressmeters actually move
	-wrote oggvorbis plugin - note that vorbis tagging doesn't work...
	-Changed the announce string for CDDB on cddb.com, since they won't allow ripperX as client anymore
	-Fixed SEGV when CDDB lookup fails (or rather when the dialog is destoryed)

Version "Scott didn't update the CHANGES file" 10/19/2000

Nils Philippsen <nils@redhat.de>
	- configure and use lame's VBR quality feature

Version 2.0 9/12/00

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	-Fixed bug when ripping takes longer than encoding.
	-Tracks Done is now reset properly
	-New ripperX icon for Gnome
TeJun Huh <wineking@adam.kaist.ac.kr>
	-Moved files for ripperX into subdirectory named 'src' and files for
	 plugins into subdirectory named 'plugins'
	-Rewrote configure.in, Makefile.in. It's now cleaner & easier to
	-The results of tests done by configure is available via src/config.h
	 and plugins/config.h. Added '#include "config.h"' to common.h.
	 However, there remains a lot of work to make ripperX portable.
	-Modified INSTALL document and ripperX.spec to reflect the changes.
	-Merged misc.h/c into misc_utils.h/c.
	-Moved #include directives to where they belong.
	-Moved prototypes for functions which are not interface from h files
	 to corresponding c files.

Bryan Whitehead <bwhitehead@acm.org>
	-Fixed automatic lookup of CD when no CD was in drive.
	-Disabled CDDB and GO buttons when no cd in drive.

Dax Kelson <dax@gurulabs.com>
	-Updated SPEC to use $RPM_BUILD_ROOT, changelog, docs & strip binaries
	-Created GNOME ".desktop" file so ripperX shows up on the menu
	-Files created as group writable, enabling shared directory ripping

Version 1.9 12/29/1999

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	-MAJOR Change: ripperX can now rip and encode in parallel!
	 This makes ripperX MUCH more efficient and faster.
	-rewrote job_controller and calc_stat to support parallel mode
	-updated find_next_job to support parallel mode
	-Created a new "Files" tab in the config window. Moved stuff around.
	-removed the "Abort All" button. Abort is now Abort All.
	 (changed for simplicity in parallel mode)
	-removed "Auto append .wav or .mp3" option for simplicity and also
	 because it HAS to be checked in order for ripperX to work properly.
	-major changes to status_frame_handler
	-stat_ struct changed and moved into common.h
	-changed calculation for total_progress, time_remaining, etc.
	-make_mp3_from_existing_wav now works. If the wav file of the
	 same name already exists, it will not be ripped again.
	-changes in lock_file to look for existing wav files
	-remove changed to unlink to prevent deleting empty directories
	-.mp3 should no longer be needlessly appended
	-wav files should now have CDDB names instead of track1.wav, etc.
	-cleaned up references to some old stuff in the code
	-removed the cdparanoia_create_argv function since it is not used.
	-ripperX will no longer hang if there is a data CD in the drive.

Version 1.2 12/14/1999

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	-New icons and new ripperX logo! Thanks to The Gimp.
	-VBR for xingmp3 now works like it should: The -V parameter is derived from
	 the bitrate, and the -B no longer is passed.  Thanks to Derek Harding 
	 <derek@innovyx.com> and Dax Kelson <dax@gurulabs.com>
	-Can now create subdirs like "artist/album/file.mp3"
	-No longer segfaults with cdparanoia 9.7
	-Error dialog cosmetic changes: left alignment for all messages
	-Made some error messages less cryptic

Dirk Katzenbach <kaba@ikarus.ping.de>
	-Fix the cddb disc id calculation

Version 1.1 11/11/1999

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	-Plugins for FHG Encoders (l3enc v 2.72 and mp3enc v3.1)
	-Workaround for l3enc not liking spaces in file names
	-Updated lame plugin for version 3.50
	 NOTE: You must upgrade to lame v3.50, as 3.13 will NOT work with this
	-Bug fix for GOGO Encoder.
	 NOTE: You must use gogo v2.22 or higher
	-Bug fix for cdparanoia not searching for drive
	-Changed default cddb server to freedb.org instead of cddb.com,
	 because it is the "right" thing to do.

Paul Rahme <pgr@ucs.co.za>
	-Patch to use CDDB through an HTTP proxy server

Carl Seutter <cseutter@ipalco.com>
	-CDDB cache directory

Derek Harding <derek@innovyx.com>
	-Bugfix for mp3_ratio messing up
	-Automatic CDDB lookup on startup
	-Bugfix for artist & title not getting shown

Version 1.0

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	-Added plugin for Xing Mp3 Encoder
		contributed by Derek Harding <derek@innovyx.com>
	-Added plugin for GoGo Mp3 Encoder
		contributed by Justin Buist <buistjj@river.it.gvsu.edu>
	-Added format string for the "create subdirectory" option
	-CDDB HTTP bugfix
	-Fix for plugins not picking up all options
		contributed by Alfred Weyers <alfred@otto.gia.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
	-Changed command line cd player from dcd to cdplay, since it
	    comes with RedHat 6.0
	-No longer writes files with non ASCII characters
	-Minor code cleanups
TeJun <wineking@adam.kaist.ac.kr>
	-Plugged a HUGE memory leak
		Thanks to Steven Wilcoxon for the bug report!
	-Added locale support
	-Removed all compiler warnings

Ralf Engels <engels@arcormail.de>
	-Patch for better error checking so files won't be deleted accidently

Version 0.99

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	*NOTE* You must delete your old .ripperXrc file before trying 
	this version! **

	-Plugin for the Lame mp3 encoder
		contributed by Justin Buist <buistjj@river.it.gvsu.edu>
	-Plugin for the BladeEnc mp3 encoder
	-Lame is now default encoder
	-Optionally generate an ID3 tag from CDDB information
	-Added more encoding options for all encoders:
		Variable bitrate
		High quality encoding
		CRC error protection
	-Added more encoding bitrates
	-Status popup window when ripping or encoding is finished
	-Fixes for CDs with more than 50 tracks
	-Fixed some cddb bugs
	-Convert Underscores now converts non-unix characters
	-Album subdirectory obeys convert underscores option
	-Reworked how encoder options are stored in config file
	-No longer need "%w" "%m" in extra options space

Version 0.98

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	*NOTE* You must delete your old .ripperXrc file before trying 
	this version! **
	-HTTP Proxy for CDDB
	-Configuration panels for mp3 encoders and cdparanoia
	-Added format string for cddb file names
	-Changed default refresh from 5 seconds to 1 second
	-Permissions on created files fixed
	-Changed default values in config_rw.c (must delete old .ripperXrc)
	-Fixed the hang if you clicked on CDDB button while offline
	-Track number now in double digit format, e.g. Track 02

Version 0.97

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	Made ripperX work with newer versions of cdparanoia. Improved the 
	parsing of cdparanoia -Q. Improved the reporting of cdparanoia's error 
	messages.  Fixed "Select All Tracks" button to have the correct 
	behavior.  Made SRPM and i386 RPMS of ripperX.

Version 0.96

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	Greatly simplified the select_frame_handler interface. Instead of 
	having 2 tiny text boxes, there is one big textbox that will generate 
	names for both the wav and the mp3 file. Took out the play buttons for 
	playing the wav and mp3. I might put them back in, but I thought they 
	cluttered the interface too much (and I never used them anyway). Made 
	a radiobox for selecting the action (rip or encode).

	Wrote a plugin for the ISO encoder version 2 (the "encode" program). 
	The default encoder is now this one. It is free and produces very good 
	quality mp3s.

	All the plugins are now included in the plugins directory, instead of a
	separate package. They will be built and installed.

	Made a new logo for RipperX in the Gimp. :-)

	Fixed a bug for file names with spaces. The solution was to place 
	double quotes around the commands in the config dialog. e.g. 
	encode "%w" "%m"

	Allocated more space for buffers MAX_COMMAND_LENGTH, 

	For the next version, I will make some SRPMS of ripperX, cdparanoia, 
	dcd and the ISO encoder.

	Incorporated patches from ripperX-0.9z and ripperX-0.9b-segfix2.diff and
	ripperX-0.9b-dk.diff. Added checkbutton for creating subdirectories.

	Made everything work with autoconf again.

Version 0.95-devel1

Tejun <wineking@adam.kaist.ac.kr>
	Added support for plugin interface and cleaned up source code a little
	bit. Now ripperX deletes WAV file when a job is aborted.

Version 0.9b

TeJun <wineking@adam.kaist.ac.kr>
	Changed the way CDDB displays its progress. Now it uses statusbar
	instead of separate progress window. Also the FIXME of V0.85a
	has been corrected. Changed the config read/write part such that
	it can handle older configuration files properly. Changed the way
	ripperX handles file names such that the names are kept after a
	ripping/encoding session.
	version number has been bumped up to 0.9b meaning it's a major

Version 0.85a

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	Fixed a few segfault bugs and increased size of track titles buffer.
	Added error checking via error_handler dialog boxes. Added a progress
	FIXME: Still does not update correctly in the beginning and while 
	connecting to server. Added Button for connecting to CDDB server.
	Added Notebook for configuring CDDB server and 2 new options -
	Convert Spaces to underscores, and Include artist name in file
	name. "Borrowed" CDDB icon from www.cddb.com and modified it using
	the Gimp.
Version 0.84a

Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
	Added Preliminary CDDB support. No error checking or configurability 
	yet. CDDB support is based on code from cccd, which IMHO had the
	nicest abstraction of the CDDB protocol from actual implementation.
	cccd was written by Sven Riedel<Sven.Riedel@heim8.tu-clausthal.de>