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Sam Kim
  • Sam Kim

    Sam Kim - 2001-12-24

    I want my finished mp3 to look like

    artist - name of file.mp3 

    but it comes out like this...


    anyone know how to work this out?

    • Sam Kim

      Sam Kim - 2001-12-25

      well...I found an easier workaround than renaming all the files one at a time... heres the bash script for those interested...


      for FILE in *
              NEW=`echo "$FILE" | sed -e "s/-/ /g"`
              mv "$FILE" "$NEW"
              NEWFILE=`echo "$NEW" | sed -e "s/   / - /"`
              mv "$NEW" "$NEWFILE"

    • Kenneth Corbin

      Kenneth Corbin - 2002-01-06

      I was just about to complain about that.  It's something new with the 2.3 version.  It didn't do that in 2.1 version so I've gone back to it.  Haven't tried the 2.2 version.

    • Anonymous - 2002-08-24

      I have this problem too, I can't get it to accept a space in the settings box.  The bash script above works, but there should be a way to make the program work.  I can't even see where the characters are added in the source.



    • Danny D

      Danny D - 2002-11-21

      grep for 'isalnum' in misc_utils.c.  the problem is that it's being too hard on unix filenames.  another post somewhere on here mentions that.  i'm gonna kludge the current version until it gets fixed in the new one.



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