#16 lame handles bitrate differently when VBR is enabled.


After perusing the lame documentation I discovered that
the ABR "bitrate" setting *CHANGES PURPOSE* when VBR is
enabled. It then becomes the *MINIMUM* bitrate, and
VBR will then select a higher rate when required to
maintain the selected VBR quality (default 4). This is
not adequately explained in the ripperX documentation,
and in fact in my option the -b option should be
removed from the lame command line when VBR is enabled,
or at least the option to remove it should be available.

This is a critical flaw because I suspect most people
use VBR and are creating larger mp3's than they need to
be due to the way ripperX explains and uses the
"bitrate" setting.


  • tony mancill

    tony mancill - 2004-10-12
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  • tony mancill

    tony mancill - 2004-11-02

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for this. I'll look into it. It makes sense to
    either want one or the other. I'm considering dumping the
    canned list of setting completely and allowing the user to
    enter an options string that will be passed to the encoder.

    Thoughts on this?


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