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Unix Rio Utility / News: Recent posts

Preliminary Nitrus support in CVS

The current CVS version of rioutil (1.6.0) has been updated with preliminary support for the Rio Nitrus. Upload/download work for the most part.

Known issues:
- Delete does not work properly with the Nitrus.
- Downloads from the Nitrus are extremely slow.
- A limited number of songs can be uploaded at the moment.

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2005-07-04

Riot support and New players

The current CVS version of rioutil supports the Riot. Upload, Delete, and List all work. It also has experimental support for the new Fuse, Chiba, and Cali players.

Download support may follow shortly :).

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2003-08-27

S-Series support in rioutil

With the release of version 1.3a rioutil now has experimental support for the S-Series of Rio MP3 players!

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2002-12-18

Any lingering bugs?

I think I may have finally squashed the last of the bugs that I hvae found and I need to know if anyone notices any rioutil related problems in the latest release.

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2001-12-17

rioutil progress

Hi everyone, I thought i would post some news on the progress of rioutil...

Ok, I have been on and off sourceforge and looking at your comments. I haven't had much time to do amy coding in the past week or two :/ and I can't promice an update for at least two or so weeks. I will say that the next release will probably be a 1.0 release since most of the bugs seem to be gone from my latest builds (except for one vey pesky one).... read more

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2001-08-27

rioutil now supports X and libusb

Rioutil now works with:
- kernel level drivers (linux and bsd)
- MacOS X
- linux usbdevfs
- libusb

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2001-07-08

OS X and usbdevfs support Complete

After a few days of hacking I have completed both the OS X driver and support for linux usbdevfs. I should have 0.4 online after the holiday.


Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2001-07-03

OS X Driver nearly complete!

So far I have been able to pass control messages using my powerbook with 10.0.4, once I have figured out bulk messages 0.4 will be ready for release.

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2001-06-28

New code in the works

I am hard at work on the code for rioutil. Expect the following enhancements for v0.4....
- Macos X support
- Linux usbdevfs support

Posted by Nathan Hjelm 2001-06-27