Broken pipe + a couple other issues

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    EC_ - 2005-11-17

    Hello all, I am having trouble with uploading via pipes.  The following is under both 1.4.4 and cvs.

    if I do
    cat test.mp3 | rioutil -p 1 test.mp3 96000 44100
    I get
    --- SIGPIPE (Broken pipe) @ 0 (0) ---
    +++ killed by SIGPIPE +++
    Segmentation fault
    in the strace.  I don't know much about "broken pipes", i thought maybe it was writing to the usb bus too fast and not buffering.  I whipped up a script to loop(read 1 byte of the file, stdout it, and wait .1 seconds).  Same problem.

    My S10 is plugged in and -a with the same file works fine, just not when sent through stdin.

    I would be content with regular upload behavior, but I am trying to integrate this into some python that chooses random files and reencodes them to a lower bitrate and pipes the output to the rio (256Kbps is too much for my 64MB player).  This is much simpler with the pipe behavior.

    A couple other things about rioutil:
    -Is there any way to delete all songs with rioutil?
    -d 'range' is cumbersome if you just want to get rid of all of them.
    -CVS does not seem to build correctly for me.  Make completes with no errors, but it does not create any shared libraries, just .a's
    -Because of that, I had to modify the debian/ script to get it to work on my box, since many of the libraries it was looking for were non-existant.

    But thank you so much for getting my rio working under linux!

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      EC_ - 2006-01-14

      again, does anyone have uploading through a pipe working with rioutil/an S10?  Or an idea about why this would result in a 'broken pipe'?


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