unknown error using Fedora Core 2

  • mattgross

    mattgross - 2004-10-19

    Here is the error I am getting:

    [root]# rioutil -a escape.mp3
    Attempting to open Rio and retrieve song list....done
    Free space on Internal Memory is 248.7 MB.
    Free space on Secure Digital (SD) Card is 243.1 MB.
    Setting up signal handler
                          escape.mp3 [3.2 MB]:  Incomplete: Unknown error 4294967295

    ./configure, make and make install seem to work fine.  Anyone have any ideas why this isn't working?



    • Charles McColm

      Charles McColm - 2004-11-01

      I get a similar Incomplete: Unknown error ##### under SuSE 9.1. I just updated my Rio S10 to firmware update 2.03. I had rioutils working with an older version of the firmware and Fedora Core 1 on a different machine.

      rioutils -l
      rioutils -i

      both seem to work fine, it's only when I try to transfer a file. I've also been able to delete files.

    • pat

      pat - 2004-11-01

      Same here.
      I tried at the command prompt. With the Konqueror plugin and with the Java gui.
      I can get the list of files in the device. I can delete files from the device. But I cannot upload anything to the RIO500.
      I get unknown error 4294967295

      any help?

    • Dradien

      Dradien - 2004-11-15

      I get the same exact thing, except Im using Mandrake 9....I can delete/format, everything, but not upload:(


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