Rio 800 Communications Protocol

  • Thomas Turn Jensen

    Might I ask where or how you have found out the protocol needed to talk to the Rio 800?

    I guess I could look through rio.h and gather most of it from there, but if the protocol is specified somewhere (or if maybe you have made a document on this), I would be very interested in that. Also, C is not exactly my most fluent language :)

    Thanks in advance!

    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2002-09-06

      The protocol was completly reverse-engineered by myself and Jasper Wallace. At some point I was going to write down exactly how to communicate with it, but as I am in my senior year of college I have little time for this project these days. I dont know if the protocol is still in use at sonic blue so i dont know if it is of any use if current devices. All I can say is that if you really want to learn how the protocol works take a look at the code and ignore any section that i comment as a hack to get mp3s downloadable (i think i did put comments) and enjoy the beauty of the c programming language.


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