Support for Riot?

  • David Schuetz

    David Schuetz - 2002-05-17

    I just got a Rio Riot, and its windows software, well, blows.  Real pain in the neck to get songs onto the box.

    I've been futzing around with rioutil (1.24) for a little bit, and have been able to get it to at least read the info screen from the Riot:

    Name: RioRiot
    Volume: 0
    Repeat: Off
    Equilizer: Normal
    Backlight: Always off
    Programmed to Playlist: 6

    Firmware Version: 1.15
    Memory units: 1

    Memory unit 0: Internal Hard Drive
    Free: 18.1 MB (18.6 MB Total)
    Used: 0.6 MB in 0 files
    [#                                 ] 3.0 %

    Total Time: 00:00:00

    I accomplished this partially by changing the definition for RIO800 in rio_usb.h to "0x5202", which is (apparently) the USB product code for the Riot.

    I've got a bunch of songs on there already, so the 3% used is probably about right.  But, obviously, it's not reading any of the files.  If I try to do anything else (upload a file, change the name, etc.), then rioutil stops working altogether and I have to unplug the Riot.  (when I reconnect it, I get a new usb device number (I'm up to 17), and I have to create a new /dev/usb/rioXX node, but that's probably just a RedHat brainfart...)

    Has anyone been able to get the Riot to work?  Is there any kind of toolsuite that I can use to parse out the Riot's protocol? (like an interactive program that I can send arbitrary commands to it with and look at the output)?  Or a  simple windows USB sniffer, so I can snag the commands from RealJukebox?

    Seems to me that we're probably halfway there shouldn't be too hard to the the Riot to work with this.  I'd *think*.



    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2002-12-19

      I wish I had read this earlier! Ill add that id to cvs. Give it a try.

    • Mark Moseley

      Mark Moseley - 2003-01-17

      Has anyone tried this yet? I've just about reached the end of my tolerance for Real Jukebox...


    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2003-01-18

      Nope, give it a try and post here if it works/doesnt. It'd be interesting to know.

      • Clemens Drews

        Clemens Drews - 2003-01-23

        I just got the RioRiot and it did not take me long at all to get all fed up with the "jukebox" software. I connected my riot to my linux box, loaded the rio500 module and tried a rioutil -l and get:
        Name: RioRiot
        Volume: 0
        Repeat: Off
        Equilizer: Normal
        Backlight: 1 sec
        Programmed to Playlist: 6

        Firmware Version: 1.24
        Memory units: 1

        Memory unit 0: Internal Hard Drive
        Free: 16.9 MB (18.6 MB Total)
        Used: 1.7 MB in 0 files
        [####                                              ] 9.2 %

        Total Time: 00:00:00

        So far so good, but using

        #rioutil -l

        id | Title |  Name   mm:ss Size
        Memory unit 0:

        Noth'n there? There's quite some music on that device. Any ideas?
        - Clemens

    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2003-01-24

      ill look into why that is (dont have a riot :/)... can you run the command rioutil -e 2 -i and send me the output? it would really help

    • Clemens Drews

      Clemens Drews - 2003-01-24

      Your got the output in your inbox at
      Thx for looking into this
      Let me know if I can help coding or debugging.
      - Clemens

    • Kevin Seghetti

      Kevin Seghetti - 2003-02-07

      I also have a rio riot and am quite interested in being able to upload songs from a command line interface. I am an experienced programmer (see, so I could help if pointed in the right direction. (what is needed, reverse engineering of the data format used?)
      Kevin Seghetti

    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2003-02-07

      if anyone could use usb snoopy to find out how the wondows software is getting the file list that would be the most helpful. it wouldnt take long after getting that to get rioutil listing the files.

    • David S. Kelly

      David S. Kelly - 2003-02-16

      I've got a dump from usb snoopy dump from a RIOT running on 2000 w/ 89 songs on it.   Where do you want it sent? (200k).

      D. Sean Kelly

    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2003-02-17

      cool!! Send it to hjelmn at users dot sourceforge dot net. Once I have that file I should have rioutil working with the riot in no time.

    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2003-02-18

      Ok, the current CVS version *should* get the correct file listing from the Riot. Ill get the rest of the broken functions working this evening.

    • Mark Moseley

      Mark Moseley - 2003-03-09

      Has anyone tried this yet? I'm VERY new to linux and am not sure I have everything set up right. I'm pretty sure that I've got the latest version from CVS - I can list the files on the Riot. I tried to download a song from it and failed, though. I'm pretty sure it also locked up my Riot. Did I do something wrong? Either way, thanks for the great work!

    • David S. Kelly

      David S. Kelly - 2003-03-09

      I'm working on support for the RIOT.  I've gotten it to list the files and show the preferences.  The next thing I'm working on is the delete and add.  I got the delete working last night and I'm working my way through getting the add to work next.

      I'm looking at being able to get Nathan a patch for the delete and add by next weekend.


    • Michael L. Phillips

      Let us know the status of delete and add?


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