Fig Wright - 2002-09-13

I like to thank the author for such great software!
Man, I've had such troubles with my Rio600 mp3 player in WinXP. Spent weeks trying different firmware, software, USB ports. The works. Couldnt get the bastard to work - would either say 0MB available or fail loading after 1 song. Rio say "We dont support XP on the 600". Great, shall I go back to win98 just to load mp3s onto my expensive present from my wife? Even sent one back because I was convinced it was faulty, since I managed to get it working once. New one didnt work either. :-( Then I though, maybe someone hacked up a linux driver...
Sure enough, Rioutil!

I have RedHat7.3 on dual boot. I installed libusb:
make install
... compiled with no issues which I thought was a miracle!

./configure --with-libusb
make install
Compiled straight out the .tgz. Unbelievable! ;-)

Fired her up. Formatted. Heh, changed name to something cute! ;-)
Loaded on a 64MB directory of 15 tracks with with 'rioutil -b *'
Worked first time - Praise be to hackers!
I find that now XP is so good I dont boot much into linux, but it sure is a good idea to have dual boot for those emergencies...

I notice that some people have mentioned:
mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb

What does this do, and do I need to do it for some reason? Also, anyone know where I can get something that can 'unstuff' the Mac firmware. I aint paying $20 for Stuffit!
Currently I only have ver 1.16 firmware. Is 1.56 really much better?