Question about the directory list

  • Andrew Schott

    Andrew Schott - 2002-07-26

    Greetings!  First off, Thanks for creating the tool!  I bought the Rio800 last week, and love the fact I am essentially %100 solid without needing any other utility (no WineX for the Winders software).

    I do have a question regarding the -l option, directory list.  Is there a way to fix the # increment issue?  If you dont have time, thats cool.  I am just curious if it is *possible*.  As in, is this a feature of the unit?  Also, along similar lines -- when I have deleted a few files (say 12, 18, and 24 out of 30 songs), I am assuming that the numbering scheme for the unit will try to reuse the old slots, correct?  So If I add a new file, where is it going to go?  I have toyed with my unit trying to detail a pattern, but unless there is a glitch that I dont know about, it seems that it will now and then take each approach (fill in // slap it at the end).

    Coding has slipped into patheticness on my part, so reading the code is more difficult than it would have been, say 3 years ago in college :)  So dont take this as being a lame FIX THIS thread.  Purely informative for me.

    Thanks much
    And again -- Thanks A TON for all of your time spent on coding this sweet little tool!


    • Nathan Hjelm

      Nathan Hjelm - 2002-09-06

      The numbering means apsolutely nothing outside of just being somthing assigned by the device. I have toyed with the idea of makingthis transparent to the user but havent spent much time working on rioutil since i got my ipod.


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