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T Koulis
  • T Koulis

    T Koulis - 2003-04-16

    Hello, I have compiled rioutil v 1.3.3 on my mac (Mac OS 10.2.5).  When I try "rioutil -i -l" I get:
    Name: YoYoRegime

    Firmware Version: 1.24
    Memory units: 1

    Memory unit 0: Internal Hard Drive
    Free: 10.1 MB (18.6 MB Total)
    Used: 8.5 MB in 0 files
    [######################                            ] 45.8 %

    Total Time: 00:00:00

    Player Space Used: 8.5 MB in 0 files
    Total Player Time: 00:00:00

    id | Title |  Name   mm:ss Size
    Internal Hard Drive:

    But I can never get a listing. I know that there was a discussion about getting the riot to work with rioutil, but I was wondering if there has been any progress? Does the fact that I am using Mac OS X present any challenges?

    In any case this program has a lot of potential so keep up the good work!


    • David S. Kelly

      David S. Kelly - 2003-04-17

      I've had some things at work come up that have been eating all my time.  I'm expecting to be able to start back into working with the program again in about a week.

      I've been able to get teh Delete function to work; however; I am still stymied with the ADD function.  The header is written but no data is transferred.

      If I get some time this weekend I'll do a patch for the Delete function.

      Also, are you using a 'normal' RIOT from Rio or something else?

      D. Sean Kelly

    • T Koulis

      T Koulis - 2003-04-17

      Thanks for the prompt response. If you need any type of output I can be of assistance.

      So to answer your question: I have a Rio Riot. This is the one that SonicBlue makes.

      Theo Koulis


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