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Riotware 0.4.1

Riotware 0.4.1 has been released. While there are no major changes in this release, I cleaned up the code used to send files to the Riot. Bulk uploads are now conducted in alphanumeric order and I fixed a memory leak or two. I was able to upload about 3000+ songs to my Riot overnight, so any uploading problems should be resolved. If anybody has any problems with this release, please let me know.

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-09-14

Riotware & Fedora

It's been a while since I've had time to work on Riotware again. In that time, I upgraded my development machine to Fedora Core 2. This has introduced some issues which other users may be experiencing which I believe are independent of Riotware's code.

The latest version of Riotware still runs without problems on my laptop running RH9. I tested it with the libusb-0.16-3 rpm as well as version 0.18 with no problems. My laptop runs kernel version 2.4.21 compiled from source.... read more

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-06-23

April Fools

No, its not an April Fools joke, Riotware version 0.4.0 has been released. It includes a lot of internal changes for the better and hopefully fixes some bugs. Please try this version if you are having any problems with riotware.

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-04-02

Riotware 0.3.1 and the future.

I uploaded version 0.3.1 last night. This version introduces support for synchronizing the clock in the Riot with the clock on your PC. This is something the Windoze software does automatically, but I have it set as an option right now. Otherwise there aren't any other major changes.

I'm currently in the process of creating Doxygen documentation for Riotware. After the documentation is finished and I have completed some internal changes, I will release version 0.4 and post the documentation online. Hopefully the API will be solidified at that point.

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-03-21

Riotware-0.3, Riotware-gtk, and the website

Riotware-0.3 has been released. Most of the changes are internal and are in preparation for the release of Riotware-gtk. Progress on Riotware-gtk has been halted at this time. I want to take advantage of the features of the new File Chooser which won't be available until gtk 2.4 is released. I anticipate the functionality of the first release of Riotware-gtk to include uploading and deleting of files as well as the displaying of player usage. Hopefully I'll now be able to work on the riotware website and maybe somebody will actually be reading this. :-P

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-02-26


This version adds the user_type structs as well as the type conversions functions. Structures found in riot_types.h (with the current exeption of riot_file_list_node) should not be directly used and should be converted to one of the types found in user_types.h using the conversion functions found in riot_conversions.h

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-02-04


Version 0.1.1 has been uploaded. This version does not provide any major changes or bug fixes, but does provide support for hard drive information. The amount of space used and space remaining on the player can be displayed as well as the hard drive model and serial number.

Posted by Christopher Chiaverini 2004-02-02

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