Or maybe it is the dot you are using I am confused by.

Here is a diff between two directory sub-rtee that work for me on linux:

 diff -r REAL  RioPlay
Only in RioPlay/bin: rioplay
Only in REAL/dev: core
Only in REAL/empeg: bin
Binary files REAL/empeg/lib/fonts/medium.bf and RioPlay/empeg/lib/fonts/medium.bf differ
Only in REAL/empeg/lib: lang
Only in RioPlay/etc: fstab
Only in RioPlay/etc: networks
Only in REAL/etc: nsswitch.conf
Only in REAL/etc: profile
Only in REAL/etc: protocols
Only in RioPlay/etc: resolv.conf
Only in RioPlay/etc: streams.cfg
Only in RioPlay/etc: sysconfig
Binary files REAL/il-binary.o and RioPlay/il-binary.o differ
Only in RioPlay: lib
Binary files REAL/sbin/init and RioPlay/sbin/init differ
Only in REAL: tmp
Binary files REAL/zImage and RioPlay/zImage differ

Ian Pedersen wrote:

I am having trouble getting the RioPlay receiver code that I compiled to run on the Rio Receiver. I struggled for a while to find the correct toolchain and get an environment setup to compile the rioplay code, but I believe I am now on the right track. I setup a box with Debian Linux and installed Emdebian for an arm 2.95.2 cross-toolchain environment. I was then able to compile the RioPlay code without any problems. I replaced the './bin/rioplay' and './sbin/init' binaries within a working receiver.arf, but the Rio Receiver does not like it. It appears to go into an infinite loop. I traced the session with Ethereal and saw the following LOOKUP call being mode over and over with increasing XID value:NFS   V2 LOOKUP Call XID 0xa2200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Reply XID 0xa2200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Call XID 0xa3200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Reply XID 0xa3200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Call XID 0xa4200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Reply XID 0xa4200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Call XID 0xa5200000
NFS   V2 LOOKUP Reply XID 0xa5200000
...etc Does anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Ian