Wim Lewis wrote:
The other is to provide a way to interject a snippet of sound into the
audio being played ... since the Rio never really turns off, it could be
used for general audio alerts, or as an alarm clock, or whatever. (Mostly
it just seems like a Neat Idea.)
I think you are going to find that rough to do because of the way the sound library works.
Lee, have you tried compiling the toolchain yourself? It's a hassle but
it's possible. :-)
No.  All heck has broken loose around here.  Still on my list, but not before July 17.

My goal remains: make it work with big collections of music.
My Rio crashes on a bunch of menus, because my music collection is too big
(both with RioPlay and the original Rio software).

Then maybe backport it to the original Cirrus development board (I picked up a used one).
Then the real fun begins.