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0.6.1 Relased + RingCommunityXT released

Easier version for an end user, no more Service...

For advanced users RingCommunity is still available.

Some bug fixed in 0.6.1 release

Posted by CodingFactory 2010-01-09

0.6.0a: Tool to Upgrade config from 0.5.x

Don't forget to backup your Config.XML prior to upgrade to 0.6.0a

I added in the Files from 0.6.0a a tool to upgrade configuration file for version 0.6.0a.

Posted by CodingFactory 2009-12-29

0.6.0a released + Upgrade Message Plugins

With backward compatibility broken in 0.6.0a, It was required to create an upgrade message plugins.

here it is.


Posted by CodingFactory 2009-12-28

0.6.0a is released

Version 0.6.0a is released. Back compatibility is broken. but an upgrade message plugins will be released soon.

Posted by CodingFactory 2009-12-27

0.6.0a version is coming

My last news was 1 year ago !!

This was a long long year, i had to dive into my job work. And my wedding.

By the way, i'm debugging the 0.6.0a now and i made the big part of this. Expect to have a new alpha release before february 2010.

Posted by CodingFactory 2009-12-14

New version of RingCommunity

I'm working on the next version of ringcommunity right now.

The major change right now is security ! So you will not see any new functions.

The cyphering is a lot more secure in this versions, but this change just cut off the backward compatibility, so you'll have to upgrade all your peers.

Posted by CodingFactory 2009-01-18

RingCommunity 0.5.3 Released

With the global Groups plugins working

Functions of the global groups plugins are simple, create add remove user too a global group manage by a superuser.

You can send invitations to access to the global groups to users.


Posted by CodingFactory 2008-05-16

RingCommunity 0.5.2c Released

This is a bug fix release. If you had crash of the service with the 0.5.2b you should install this release !

Posted by CodingFactory 2008-01-27

Help with language - second try :-)

hey guys, you know what ? The first version of this website, was not enough tested with the version of PHP on Sourceforge.net. But now it works. Sorry for the tries...

Thanks again to help with the translation, will help, make RingCommunity better.

Posted by CodingFactory 2008-01-17

help more with language

Posted by CodingFactory 2008-01-03

RingCommunity 0.5.2b Released

Multisource really upgraded in this version.
IPV6 Fully tested !
and a lot of "funny" stuff added.

See changelog for more informations.

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-12-28

RingCommunity 0.5.2a was great

The 0.5.2a was the best from previous release forgotten the upload problem of the 0.5.1c, a lot more translation ! it was a great release. But time is coming to evoluate to 0.5.2b that will come soon.

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-12-27

RingCommunity 0.5.1c Released !

Bug fix release...

Thanks to all beta testers

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-09-25

0.5.1a is here

main new feature : Download of Folders and subfolders...
better multilinguage support

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-06-29

0.5.0a is here

Give it a try,

The plugins engine is there, ready, for developping global groups.

Chat has been in part rewritten, to be more user friendly. but the backward compatibility is broken for chating. so : update !

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-05-15

Translation Help wanted

You want Ringcommunity in your language ?

just translate this file :


sample :
<data name="Files" xml:space="preserve">

Translated :
<data name="Files" xml:space="preserve">
</data>... read more

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-05-03

0.4.4 alpha

Hey ! at least.

Implement search in this release.
+ some bugs corrected
+ some small features

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-04-11

0.4.3 beta is here

0.4.3 beta is released

changelog :

Bug: Try only once to open a channel
Bug: Tries to open the same channel at the same time between too client circularly
Bug: If the HashMap is wrong the download will continue redownloading the block at infinite, now set the download in Pause if too much errors
Optimize: Interface little changes to better reflect selection and other
Optimize: File is opened only when needed, don't try to open file if file will be Queued
Optimize: Do not open a channel if not needed
Bug: No more hashing twice a file when the file is in more than one virtual share
Added : Show what you are sharing to someone or to a group
Bug: Cancel finish the transfer only after last packets sent, corrected
Optimize: Extension of file currently downloading are : .RCdownload
Optimize: Do not try to hash a file with download extension
Added: Log rollover once by week
Bug: Memory stream helper, handled badly null arguments passed as string
Bug: Update of nickname problem (in clientrights)
Bug: Nickname was only renewed if restarting service
Optimize: Add Randomize to Ping (to allow random direction of the Nickname to be sent)
Bug: MultiSelection in Servers do only one thing
Bug: UserList Groupe crash when parameters are null
Bug: ParametersProfile : Wrong Userid shown

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-03-26

First screenshot available

The 3 first screenshots are available, if you want to see what's RingCommunity

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-01-20

Mailing List for new Release Available

you can subscribe to the mailing list if you want to know each time a new release is available.

See mailing lists

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-01-19

0.4.1 beta available

File transfer works great on this release.

Next step is adding rights to the system, to decide what you want other people can download from your Hdd

Posted by CodingFactory 2007-01-19

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