Installing and configuring for a noob...RIGHT

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Well I tried to configure and install like the directions say. Well what little instructions there are, and for someone just starting off in Linux they SUCK. Now my web site is all F'd up, and I will most likely have to reinstall linux. I even had a friend of mine try to help me, who does know linux, with no luck. They even said that the instruction were not good. 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      when u wake up in the morning does your alarm clock tell u you are a lamer or do u find out half way through the day

    • derfaust

      derfaust - 2005-02-19

      reinstall???? what a dork......his alarm clock must tell him that he doesnt like free beer......he'd rather pay for fact he probably doesnt like beer....i know, he likes wine coolers...



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