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RIG-Thumbnails 1.0 available

RIG-Thumbnails 1.0 is available.
Due to the recent security vulnerability, it is highly recommended that you update to this version.
See previous post http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=585246
for more info.

Posted by Ralfoide 2006-06-24

Security Vulnerability in RIG-Thumbnail

There's a serious security vulnerability in the current version of RIG (anything < 0.7.5).

I consequently removed all old file releases so that nobody can download a potentially insecure package.

Fixing the vulnerability is relatively easy.
However, given how this was handled, namely that not only the so-called "security researcher" David "Aesthetico" Vieira-Kurz from http://www.majorsecurity.de posted the vulnerability without contacting me first but he also posted the address of my server and consequently my server got compromised in a matter or hours (and that's how I found out he had posted the vulnerability), well given the shameful act from this one person I'm no longer willing to use, promote or develop RIG. I'm all for full disclosure but only made by responsible people.

Posted by Ralfoide 2006-06-23

RIG-thumbnail 0.7 available

RIG-thumbnail has been updated. The stable 0.7 is available as well as the latest bug fix 0.7.2.
Go get them right now! :-)

Posted by Ralfoide 2005-11-26

RIG-Thumbnail updated

RIG-Thumbnail has been updated: the release is being promoted to stable. A new release has been uploaded in unstable.

Posted by Ralfoide 2004-07-06

RIG forum &amp; mailing list created

A "general" forum and mailing list have been created for the rig-thumbnail project. Please write in all your comments: suggestions, feature requests, etc.

Posted by Ralfoide 2003-08-30

Freshmeat entry

The project has been added under Freshmeat, id 35354.
The link is http://freshmeat.net/projects/rig-thumbnail

Note: the project was not accepted by Freshmeat moderators. "Too many image galleries out there yet". Whatever.

Posted by Ralfoide 2003-02-24

Stables vs Unstables Releases

Changed the files sections to have stable vs unstable (development releases).
Uploaded version as most recent stable, and version and as most recent unstable.

Posted by Ralfoide 2003-02-24