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Ri-li Game. / News: Recent posts

Ri-li Version 2.0.0

-New Polish language.
-New Turkish language.
-New Hungarian language.
-New Dutch language.
-Animate when Ri-li is loading.
-10 news levels. Now 50 levels.
-Correction of the languages : Japanese, German, Italian, Russian.
-Define AMIGAOS4 flags for Amiga OS4 system.
-Organization of the data files remade.
-Ri-Li can be launched without a sound card.
-Ri-li is limited to 60 fps to relieve the CPU.
-Ri-li use less ram memory.

Posted by Roux-Serret Dominique 2006-10-18

Ri-li Version 1.2.0

-Addition a help in the game to direct the engine.
-New Breton language.
-New Esperanto language.
-New Italian language.
-New Portuguese language.
-New Slovak language.
-New Swedish language.
-Correction of the languages : German, Japanese, Spanish.

Posted by Roux-Serret Dominique 2006-07-21

Ri-li version 1.0.3.

Upgrade source for Unix/Linux, Version 1.0.3.
Now use --prefix in ./configure for more compatibility with all distributions, and insert .ebuild config file for gentoo linux distribution.

Posted by Roux-Serret Dominique 2006-07-08

New Ri-li Game. V1.0.2.

Ri-li is a arcade game on GPL. You drive a toy wood engine in many levels and you must collect all the coaches for win.
For Linux, Mac OsX and Windows.
Now RPM are available.

Posted by Roux-Serret Dominique 2006-07-01