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A music player with an android app as remote control.
You can find the Android app on the play store by searching for RuckusDJ

Installing the Rhythmote player on your computer is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Step-1: Download and install VBox from http://www.virtualbox.org
  • Step-2: Download and Unzip RuckusDJ Player the file name is RuckusDJ.zip
  • Step-3: Start VBox

    After installing VBox, your should now have "Oracle VM VirtualBox" in your desktop.
    Start this program and your should have a screen that looks like this:

  • Step-4: Connect RuckusDJ to VBox.

    From the "File" menu, select "Import Appliance..." and you should get this window:

    Click "Choose...", this would bring up the file browser. Navigate to the folder

    that contains RuckusDJ (The one you unziped in STEP-2) and select "RuckusDJ.ovf" as shown below:

    Now you should get the following window:

    On the window above, click "Finish", read and accept the license.

    RuckusDJ would now be loaded, be patient as this would take a few minutes are shown below:

    Once the above step completes, RuckusDJ is done loading, you'll see this window:

    RuckusDJ is now connected to VBox. Goto to STEP-5

  • Step-5: Tell RuckusDJ Player where you Music is.

    After connecting RuckusDJ to VBox, it is now time to tell RuckusDJ

    where your music is stored on your computer. Right click RuckusDJ

    from the window above and select "Settings...", as shown below:

    Select "Shared Folders" as show below:

    1. On the "Folders List" double click the only item listed (if nothing is listed click the + button),a window should popup.

    2. Click the dropdown for "Folder Path" and select "Other".

    3. Now navigate to the folder that has your music collection.

    4. Type Music in the "Folder Name" field as shown below:

    Click "Ok" through all the pop-ups and it is DONE!!
    Your are now ready to run RuckusDJ, Goto STEP-6

  • Step-6: Launching RuckusDJ

    From the above window, Right-click on "RuckusDJ" and select the "Create Desktop Shortcut on Desktop". Go to your desktop and click on the "RuckusDJ" icon. Now you need to be patient!
    Click "Ok" for every popup window during the lunch, don't be concerned about black screens during bootup. When RuckusDJ loads, you'll see the following:

    Wait a few more seconds and the RuckusDJ music player would show up.
    After a few seconds it will start loading your music. Once all your music is loaded it should look similar to this:

  • Step-7: Launching RuckusDJ Remote

    To test on the computer that has RuckusDJ running on it, open your browser and type in

    address field: http://localhost:8000. You should see:

    Now using any web-enabled device, you can connect to RuckusDJ and control the
    music player. Whether it is on a phone, labtop, iPad it doesn't matter.
    All you need is the IP address of the computer running RuckusDJ.

  • Step-8: Launching RuckusDJ Remote (Android App)

    Get the IP address of the computer running RuckusDJ.
    Goto Menu and select settings and enter the IP address
    Goto Menu and select refresh to load your music library to the phone.

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Android app
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web app

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