#1 Integrated Shoutcast Directory Browsing

Ryan Hayle

This is "Winamp radio" in Winamp, and I also believe
iTunes has the functionality, though I have no clue if
it is shoutcast-based. It would really be nice to have
a live internet radio browser integrated into the
player, just like in Winamp. Already many of the
included radio stations in Rhythmbox 0.6.5 no longer
work--they've changed URL's or gone offline. I don't
know how complicated this is, but I imagine it's a
rather simple xml/rdf feed or something similar that
Winamp uses, which is probably not that difficult to
parse. I already use Rhythmbox as my default media
player, but this would make it simply awesome!


  • Ryan Hayle

    Ryan Hayle - 2004-02-15

    Logged In: YES

    Well, I actually decided to work on this myself, and have it
    working nicely at this point. It won't be included in any
    rhythmbox release until we re-work the GUI to seperate live
    radio from favorite stations, and confirm the legality of
    parsing the shoutcast directory.

  • Ryan Hayle

    Ryan Hayle - 2004-02-15
    • status: open --> closed

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