Sniper mode for rho bot.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Whenever I select my crossbow and right click the mouse button, my screen does not zoom in, although sniper mode ammo is used as the arrows dont explode upon impact and kill in one shot.
    Is this problem because of Half Life or Rhobot?
    How can I fix it?

    • Scott

      Scott - 2001-10-15

      I have seen this problem when the Rho-Bot is used with Half-Life version  This is due to a change that Valve has made to Half-Life between versions and  While the bot is not completely incompatible with the changes, the zoom mode does not work.  I will have another 2.0 beta version ready soon that will fix this problem.  Also, if anyone else has noticed problems with the Rho-Bot with Half-Life version, please report the problem here.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      where do u play the game(i e what server ) do u use gamespy or what

      • Scott

        Scott - 2001-10-30

        To test the Rho-Bot, I either run a test server from my home, or make a lan game to connect my computers together.  When not in dev mode, I sometimes play at SunLit's House of Horror (more details at\), but it has been awhile...


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