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Installation problems

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Now, I may be slightly stupid, but I really can't get the bot to start.  There are two files to extract, the first does so automatically.  The second one contains C files, but I can't work out where the hell to put them.  Says something about the SDK2.1 dll you know where/what it is?  Tried the Halflife/valve/dll directory, and it doesn't work.  So when I go to Custom Game, the Rho-bot isn't there.

    Please help moi!

    • Scott

      Scott - 2001-10-10


      Yes, there are two files.  rhobot20b1.exe and  The first is all you need to run the Rho-Bot.  The second is only if you want to edit the actual souce for the Rho-Bot.

      To install the Rho-Bot, do the following:

      1.  Double-click on the rhobot20b1.exe.  This will bring up the WinZip Self-Extractor.
      2.  Set the install path.  If you used the default setup when you installed Half-Life, the directory should be C:\Sierra\half-life.  Do not set the directory to C:\Sierra\half-life\valve\.
      3.  Click Unzip.  This will create a C:\Sierra\half-life\rhobot directory, and will install all of the files necessary for Rho-Bot.  The installation is now complete!
      4.  Goto to the C:\Sierra\half-life\rhobot directory and read the readme.txt file.  This will explain how to set up the bot for you personal preferences.

      If you have put files in the \valve\dlls directory, delete any files that do not begin with hl.

      If you want to edit the Rho-Bot source, you will need to download the Half-Life SDK.  You can find it at if you look around the site (I forget the exact address).  On you have this installed, you can then add the files in to it.

      If you have any other questions, I can be reached at


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for your help, I got it running fine in the end, once it all unzipped into the correct directory.  It's great by the way, livens up our lunchtime LAN games no end! 

      Thanks again,


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Ifve Downloaden everyfile on this page for this bot. But nothings is working. Can you help me


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