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rhino-ircd-0.2.4 released

This version finally has experimental server links,
using m_tcp or m_openssl as network I/O. It also adds channel mode +b, some bugfixes and various code cleanups.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2008-07-30

rhino-ircd-0.2.3 released

After months of hard work, I have finally finished
the new version of rhino-ircd. The following features and changes where done:

* Completely built in Apache Portable Runtime
* Now using GNU Libtool to built
* Added several new modules, including m_tcp
and m_support
* Lots of source-level improvements
* IRC mode code is now in m_mode
* Local/Remote connections are abstracted in
connection_t, which allows easy server link
implementation (planned asap)
* PING/PONG events are now in m_pingpong
* Various improvements in the autoconf
and build/compile code
* Code of the IRCD core reduces as far as
possible (currently 3K). All features are
in modules now, and can be (un)loaded at will.
* See ChangeLog for details... read more

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2008-07-13

rhino-ircd-0.2.3 coming soon

The new development version (0.2.3) has some major changes in the core code of the server, as it is now implemented with Apache Portable Runtime! This means a lot less code and improved portability accross many platforms. Also, we are working on server to server connections, which are now partly working (RFC 2813). We expect the new version to be released in a few weeks, and maybe it will have it's own project website too.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2008-05-07

rhino-ircd-0.2.2 released

This new version inclused most source-level improvements. Also, all message of the day code is now inside the m_motd module. The server has been tested on the most recent OpenBSD distribution (4.2), and runs correctly. Last, but not least, it is now possible to modify the Listen directive and signal the server with SIGHUP to let it run on other IP/port on the fly.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2008-03-24

rhino-ircd-0.2.1 released

This is a bugfix release. It contains fixes for several small bugs and a SEGV fix for m_openssl.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2008-03-17

rhino-ircd-0.2.0 released

After months of work, finally a new version. Most new features in this version:

* New module API
* Callback hooking API
* Event API
* New server root layout, with mods-enabled/ and mods-available
* Much more code is now implemented in a module, such as m_flood, m_stats and all user/channel modes

Unfortunately server to server links are not yet working, but is planned for the next release.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2008-03-02

rhino-ircd-0.2.0 coming soon

A new version of Rhino IRC Daemon will soon be released. This version will have major improvements, a lot of new features and enhancements, including:

* Server to Server links
* Support for SSL Server links
* All IRC modes are now implemented as modules
* A lot of source level code improvements
* Debian Apache2-style configuration for modules:
modules-available/ and modules-enabled/ in the
* Support for dynamic callbacks in modules, which
enables a module to register a hook on for
example listener_accept()
* Dynamic attributes for client and channels.
This allows a module to dynamically allocate
and save data for a client_t or channel_t... read more

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-10-27

rhino-ircd-0.1.9 released

This new version has support for epoll() network I/O, an specialized init script for Gentoo, many small fixes in the sources and build files, and a --syntax commandline option for ircd(8). Everyone using 0.1.8 is encouraged to upgrade to this new version. See the ChangeLog file for details.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-09-06

rhino-ircd-0.1.8 released

A new version of Rhino has been released. This release contains bugfixes and some small new features, such as m_stats.so. Everyone using 0.1.7 is advised to upgrade to 0.1.8.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-08-02

rhino-ircd-0.1.7 released

A new version has been released, including new a module design to support static modules. The MODE sources have been rewritten completely, and dist/redhat and dist/debian have been added to create .rpm and .deb files. There are also some minor bug fixes and improvements, see ChangeLog for more details.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-07-07

rhino-0.1.6 released

After a long delay 0.1.6 is finally released. This release contains mostly new features, such as OpenSSL support for encrypted connections, improved config parser, hashing for fast lookups and some other improvements and fixes. See the ChangeLog for more details.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-04-14

rhino-0.1.6 coming soon

The new version of rhino-ircd will include hashing functionality for faster lookups, SSL support, and some other minor improvements and small features.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-02-10

rhino-0.1.5 released

A new version of rhino ircd has been released. This version includes new features such as builtin chroot() functionality, a new .conf file parser, builtin md5 hashing, and a lot of small code improvements.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2007-01-05

rhino-0.1.5 coming soon

A new version of rhino-ircd is coming soon. It will include new features, such as builtin chroot() functionality, a lot of code and performance improvements, and some bugfixes.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2006-12-29

rhino-0.1.4 released

A new version or rhino-ircd has been released. This release contains many code improvements and some new features have been added like poll() systemcall support for network I/O.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2006-11-12

rhino-0.1.4 coming soon

Within a few days, version 0.1.4 will be released. The new version will include mostly code efficiency improvements and some new features are implemented.

Posted by Niek Linnenbank 2006-10-31