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Email Server 0.9.8 Released

If you have 40 minutes and redhat 7.2, you can install an all-in-one email server by answering just a few questions. Includes delegatable web administration, web interface, imap, pop, smtp, and LDAP service.

If you already have it, then you can easily upgrade by downloading this file and issuing one simple command... no questions to be answered!

Posted by Polywog 2002-07-28

RHSDADM Critical Patches

Download the critical updates and patches from our download section for the email server. Also note that up2date /does/ work so long as you place the nss_ldap from the RH-7.2 CDROM /back/ replacing the version installed by up2date.

Posted by Polywog 2002-07-19

Email Server 0.9.7 Released

It's recommended that if anyone is using 0.9.6 to upgrade to this release. This is the latest stable and (hopefully) bugfree version. You're still going to need rhems-pkgs Oh, and it doesn't work with Redhat 7.3 (yet.)

We updated POSTFIX to 1.1.10; Added UPGRADE functionality for upgrading previous installations of RH-EmS (definitely a PLUS!!) We Updated PHP to PHP-4.2.1;

We also updated RHSDADM so that you can upgrade / install it separately in the future (without the need to download the whole rhems-inst distribution - and use it for other cyrus/ldap based instllations.)... read more

Posted by Polywog 2002-06-02

Email Server 0.9.6 Released & Docs

This is a fully functional email-server-in-a-box if you follow the documentation that I just posted to the site! I tested it over and over again, and didn't alter a thing before posting ;) as I usually do, hehehe.

I want to stabilize this version and release it as the version 1.0. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Polywog 2002-04-23

RH Email Server 0.9.3

RH Email Server 0.9.3 is out. This is the final minor release before the initial 1.0. This will be mainly bug fixes etc. Please note that you must still download the latest pkgs file. Release 1.0 will include everything in one big tarball.

Please see the screenshot of the user interface at http://www.rhsd.net/rhems-search.png

Posted by Polywog 2002-03-28

RH Email Server 0.9.0

Fully operational web interface for administration of user accounts.

Fully operational web interface for email reading (as well as imap,imaps,pops,etc etc)

Fully operational command line tools for manipulating mail account and the mail queue.

Posted by Polywog 2002-03-14

RH eMS Released

Heya folks. RH eMS has been released. This includes a fully functional web interface for reading email (IMP-3.0), and the beginnings of rhsdadm (the web administration tool). REMEMBER!! you must download rhems-inst- for the email server (5MB). The rhems-pkgs- is additional packages for a redhat 7.2 system to bring the system up to date to install rhems-inst files.

Posted by Polywog 2002-03-13

RHEmS Kicking!

0.9.0 will be out soon!! This will have installed with it IMP, some pdf documentation, a custom web administration tool (RHSDadm - we gave up on cyradm because it looked ugly and would take too long to customise, plus it was using custom written imap functions, instead of php411 imap functions)

Posted by Polywog 2002-03-02

RHSD First Project

RH Server development's first project: Email server in a box. This product installs an LDAP authentication server, Cyrus IMAP/pop3 server, and postfix server, as well as web front ends to administer and check email etc.

Posted by Polywog 2002-02-21

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