Rgedit 0.7.0 (major release) ready

The new major release 0.7.0 is ready for downloading and testing!

It fixes some bugs and implements some requests (e.g., the capacity to use the current document's directory and the current working directory). It also has a new (and more rational, I hope) menu structure.

It introduces two main new features:

1. side panel allowing the navigation within R files - can consider function defintions, data.frame defintions and specially formatted "landmark" comments;

2. wizards allowing user to generate customized R code from pre-defined templates using a GUI.

Please consult the help file for details. Also, please note the potential security issues introduced by Wizards (see help)!

Finally, thanks to all those who gave feedback, reported bugs and suggested features: you make this project thrive - THANK YOU!

Really finally: please test this new release and let me know what you think/find.


Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-05-03

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