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Initial port to Python 3 (Gtk3)

Due to the release of gedit 3.8 with its apparent requirement that plugins must use Python 3, this is initial port of rgedit (Gtk3) to Python 3.
Please treat it as beta and report any issues.

Best wishes,

Posted by Dan Dediu 2013-10-28

Minor bug fixes for Gtk3 in

Minor bugfix: Ctrl+Tab switches between R console and editor, and Ctrl+C breaks the computation (with Ctrl+X copying selection from R console; please note that ESC does not work for Gtk3)

Posted by Dan Dediu 2013-03-31

Initial port for Pluma (MATE)

The initial port for Pluma (MATE's text editor) based on rgedit was released today. I tested it on Mint 13 MATE 1.4 but mroe testing might be in order. For detail install see the included ReadMe (please note that you need to install the pluma plugins, especially the embedded terminal!).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2013-02-10

Minor bug fixes in

Fixed icon for default profile.
Fixed colors on CentOS 6 (see ReadMe.txt for details).
Renamed Gtk2 branch,

Posted by Dan Dediu 2013-01-16

Profiles added to release 0.8

Almost a year on and here it is :)
- Workspace loading and saving implicitely open in the current document's folder.
- R -> Load script's libraries: parses the script and identifies all library() and require() entries and allows the user to select which libraries to load.
- Make "Run selection" run the current line if there's no selection and change the order of the menu and toolbar entries.
- Profiles can be defined and used, allowing rgedit to interact with Python, Octave or even remote sessions through SSH.... read more

Posted by Dan Dediu 2012-12-16

New GTK3 version

This is a minor bug fix (detached R console) for GTK3.

Posted by Dan Dediu 2011-12-19

Release for Ubuntu 11.10 (Gtk3)

This fixes some oddities in Ubuntu 11.10. Please note that Ubuntu's repository still has the old Gtk2 version which does not match the transition to Gtk3 (Gedit3)! Please install the appropriate Gtk3 version ( manually from here!

Posted by Dan Dediu 2011-10-19

Initial port to Gtk3 released!

rgedit was ported to Gtk3 (gedit3) with most features working (regedit! Please note that you cannot use this with the older gedit2 and that you do not need Gnome3 in order to have gedit3 (I have it on my Fedora 15 Xfce).

Due to important changes both in Gtk3 and gedit3 this version DOES NOT work on older systems (including Ubuntu 11.04) for which you can still use rgedit

Posted by Dan Dediu 2011-06-15

rgedit released

This version adds basic code folding capabilities to rgedit (please see the ReadMe.txt & Help for details) and also fixes some bugs.

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-12-05

rgedit released

A back-compatibility release making it work also on older systems (such as RHEL5 and CentOS5): thanks to Peter Forster for bug reporting and testing.
However, it is strongly recommended to use a newer Python (2.5+) and gtk (2.12+) to get all the features working!

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-11-09

rgedit released

This is a minor feature release:
rgedit-specific toolbar and sidebar can be shown only for R source files (this can be toggled using the R -> Show/hide toolbar -> Show toolbar only for R files check menu.
Slightly changed the design of the options dialog box to take less vertical space (fit better on small netbooks). Transitioned from libglade to GtkBuilder.
Begun preparing rgedit for localization/internationalization by marking all language-specific strings in the Python code using _(...) but this is far from ready (in fact, help with these would be greatly appreciated!).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-10-14

rgedit released

One year after the first release of rgedit, v0.7.0.5 is released.
Pressing <Ctrl>K in the R console copies the last executed line to the clipboard, while <Ctrl><Shift>K also pastes this into the current gedit tab at the cursor's position (thanks to Alexandre Cesari for the suggestion).
For this to work you must have xclip (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xclip/) or Xsel (http://www.vergenet.net/~conrad/software/xsel/) on you *nix machine [pbcopy (http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man1/pbcopy.1.html) for MacOS X].
Also, please note that the call to the internal helper .rgedit.lastline2clipboard() function, even if displayed in the R console, is not saved in the command history.
It is possible now to use <Ctrl>C in the R console to copy the selection to clipboard (options in the "Edit keyboard shortcuts" dialog, disabled by default; in this case you can define ESC or <Ctrl>Q to replace it for computation breaking).
Now, there is a new file in /RCtrl/messages_and_warnings.txt which contains the most notable changes and warning and, by default, these are displayed in the R console upon start (this can be changed using the settings dialog).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-08-20

Happy birthday rgedit!

It's been a year since the first release of rgedit! Thank you all for using and testing it, providing comments and suggestions and especially to Mateusz :)


Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-08-20

rgedit v0.7.0.4 released

Bugfixes and new tab-related features:
Updated the ReadMe.txt to reflect the change in the position of the preferences file. Fixed a bug preventing changing the names of R tabs. Fixed the HTML help, which changed in recent versions of R.
Added the possibility to specify the position of R tabs (top, left, right or bottom) and if they should always be displayed (options in R console right-click menu).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-08-07

rgedit v0.7.0.3 released

This is a minor feature release: now shortcuts like <Ctrl>Return or <Shift>Return can be defined for sending stuff to R, the detached R console remembers position and size between sessions (thanks Alex Ruiz for both suggestions), and newly (re-)started R sessions can use the current document's directory as working directory (option added in the config dialog).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-07-03

rgedit v0.7.0.2 released

This is a minor bugfix release due to Mateusz Kaduk, who has recently joined the development team after taking care of the Debian package: a fix for rgedit when installed system-wide, moved the .preferences file to $HOME/.rgedit.preferences so that it can be accessed no matter where the plugin is installed and fixed file permissions for non-executable files.
Thanks, Mateusz!

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-06-24

rgedit v0.7.0.1 released

This is a minor feature & bugfix release:
Fixed a bug appearing when defining a variable named "T" which would interfere with piping commands to R (thanks to Bertrand Marc).
Added a new option in the configuration dialog telling R not to echo commands sent through source() (thanks to Axolotl9250).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-06-08

rgedit is in Debian!

Great news! rgedit was accepted into Sid as "gedit-r-plugin" (http://packages.debian.org/sid/gedit-r-plugin) thanks to Mateusz Kaduk. Thus, the users of Debian and its many derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, Sidux, CrunchBang, etc.) will be able to simply "apt-get install gedit-r-plugin" (with the right repository enabled for now).
Thanks again, Mateusz.

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-06-08

Rgedit 0.7.0 (major release) ready

The new major release 0.7.0 is ready for downloading and testing!

It fixes some bugs and implements some requests (e.g., the capacity to use the current document's directory and the current working directory). It also has a new (and more rational, I hope) menu structure.

It introduces two main new features:

1. side panel allowing the navigation within R files - can consider function defintions, data.frame defintions and specially formatted "landmark" comments;... read more

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-05-03

Rgedit released!

Minor feature added: automatically make the bottom panel visible when adding an R workspace, instead of having to make it visible manually (thanks to fengqiangyang for the suggestion).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-02-11

Rgedit released!

Minor bugfix release: rgedit would crash when the path to the autorun R script was empty (thanks to kajote and kaspertofte).

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-02-03

regedit released

This is a minor bug fix release, addressing a bug in Load and Save R workspaces dialog boxes in the previous release.

Posted by Dan Dediu 2010-01-19

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