I would like to change prompt and parameters

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-29

    I wonder whether it would be possible to change prompt of R-console: ">" instead of "1>". Also, I wish to add some more stuff on loading, like packages (libraries) and parameters etc. Finally, would it be possible that Rgedit "knows" where gedit starts and to use files in current directory?

    Great stuff!

  • Dan Dediu

    Dan Dediu - 2010-04-29

    first, thanks. Now, to your questions:
    1. getting rid of the "1" before ">" is easy: just change the tab's name (right-click in the R console in the tab you want to do it) -> "Change tab name" and delete the  current tab name (i.e., "1" for the first tab initially) so that the edit box is empty;
    2. In the options dialog box (menu R -> Configure R interface) there is a checkbox "Autorun R script on startup" which allows you to specify an R script of your own making which is always executed when an R console starts. I, for example, load the library relimp (which I use a lot) and set the console's width to 150:

    # Script autorun when a new R session is started in rgedit
    # load libraries:
    # set the screen width to a large enough value:

    3. In the new version on which I'm currently working and which I hope I'll release rather soon there will be a right-click menu through which you can change R's working folder to the current document - I think this is what you have in mind.



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