#9 console history


When I browse through the history in console (R), some lines are abbreviated and the line that preceded it continues - not from the start, but a number of characters missing. See file attached. The last row is the history, with the last line remaining (a few dozen characters of it, anyway) with continued previous rows (can be seen in R console and gedit). I have selected the part of the "history" that does not change when I press the up/down arrows.

I hope this is clear.


  • Dan Dediu

    Dan Dediu - 2010-01-08

    This is because of the colored prompt (it's detilaed in the help/manual) and it's basically because the colors are done through xterm escape sequences, which, unfortunately, the R history procedure interprets as "real" characters, so that it thinkis the propt s longer than it actually is (see note v in the manual). I don't know of any way of addressing this except hacking R's code, which I am hesitant to do :)
    So, you can disable prompt's colors (this is what I do) or accept this "corruption" as a minor nuisance :)

  • Dan Dediu

    Dan Dediu - 2010-01-11
    • status: open --> closed

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