Large Directory Support and Pre-release Problems

Large directory support was a monster to implement, but it's now working and checked into CVS, along with many other small bug fixes made since the pre-release.

Testing on actual ReiserFS partitions (rather than small partitions with simplistic testing data) has now begun. This testing has shown two apparent bugs. The first is easy to fix: many BSODs in the pre-release were due to Windows requesting directory notification on a file rather than a directory (I'm not sure why this occurs), but I had left a breakpoint in the code, causing non-debug versions of Windows to crash.

The second problem is a bit nastier. When accessing large files, the blocks are getting shuffled around. The correct file contents are there, but they're in the wrong places.

I'll be looking into this problem over the next day or two, before uploading another pre-release.

The next release will have debugging code disabled, so expect major performance improvements (although the code still needs to be optimized once it is stable).

Thanks for all the feedback, and check back soon for the next release!

Posted by Mark W Piper 2005-07-31

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