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Stefan Simis

Project Admins:

Please see the Wiki for info on this project

Sep 2014: Development may continue at PML in the coming years, I'm moving on --Stefan

Sep 2014 update: Software v 20140723 has been extensively tested and addresses a few bugs.

Jul 2013 update: Software v 20130702 released with source code and installers. This one is tested.

Mar 2013 update: Software released to support hardware v2.

Jan 2013 update: The Rflex hardware v2 is finished and tested. Updated documentation available soon.
- V2 uses a microcontroller to parse TTL output near the sensor platform so we can route all traffic over ethernet. The usb digitial I/O interface and IPS box are no longer needed. The deck box is revised to contain all you need. We are waiting for arrival of a cellular router to experiment with mobile data management.

May 2012 update: Rflex v0.35 (for hardware v1.0) is available!
- the update fixes a lag with parsing GPS data and includes several esthetical updates