#24 Can't Open or Save


Just installed ReZound v0.12.2beta.

If I go to File->Open, a window labeled "Open File"
pops up, but it is completely blank. I can move it
around and close it but it doesn't seem to contain

To see if sound was working I started a new file and
created noise, and this all works fine, it will play
properly direct through ALSA and also through JACK.

But if I go to "Save As" I get another completely blank
window (this one called "Save File"), and if I go to
save the "ReZound Save Parameters" box seems to
function properly, but when I click "Okay" I get:

bool CPath::touch(bool, bool) const
--error touching path name '/untitled0.rez'
--No such file or directory

Don't know if this is a bug or something I did wrong in
the build process, any help would be appreciated.



  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2005-10-11

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    Did you also post this problem on the rezound-users because
    someone did with a similar problem.. just need to know if
    it's showing up on more than one computer. It's really a
    FOX issue, but I'm looking into it.

  • errantloons

    errantloons - 2005-10-12

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    Yeah that was me too, I apologize for the double post--I
    somehow managed to miss the "lists" link at first.

    I did try your suggestions of deleting ~/.rezound and
    running from a new directory without any change. (The
    active partition is ext3.) Unfortunately I don't think I've
    got the expertise to sift through debugging info so I think
    I'll have to just put this on the backburner and try new
    versions of fox and rezound as they come out.

    Anyway I'll stop pestering you now, but thanks for all your
    work on the project, thanks for getting back to my posts so
    quickly, and I'll definitely keep an ear out for a QT or GTK
    version. (And of course if I ever do discover anything
    useful I'll pass it on to the list.)

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2005-10-12

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    Another thing to try would be the test apps that come with
    fox.. do they do the same thing?

  • errantloons

    errantloons - 2005-10-16

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    It's working!

    I paid closer attention to the messages I was getting during
    the build and discovered that configure was complaining
    about not finding libaudiofile, which rather confused me
    because I had it installed. However I discovered that my
    dist (debian sarge) came with another package called
    libaudiofile-dev, which I had not installed. Threw that in
    there, rebuilt rezound, and I am in business.

    Sorry for my stupidity and thanks for the great program,
    I've been waiting to dig in for weeks!

  • Olivier HUMBERT

    Olivier HUMBERT - 2016-03-11

    I suggest this one to be closed since the last message said it's resolved now.


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