#11 Sample rates


Everything that I record above 48000 sample rate is
speed up. Sounds like the chimpmunks. What am I
doing wrong. Resample from 48000 up to a higher level
sound correct. Thank You!!

Aaron Johnson


  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-06-28
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  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-06-28

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    Hmm, what sound card are you using? I could imagine that if
    you told it to record at 96kHz but it only can record at
    48kHz (but for some reason doesn't report an error that it
    can't record that high (it's supposed to). Then playback
    plays it faster because it thought it was recorded at 96kHz.

    To see if this is the case, run rezound from the command
    line and see if it does not print something like "error
    setting sample rate". I see in the code that I used to
    throw an exception, but now I just silently warn the user.

    I've changed the code now to make it more obvious to the
    user when this happens by popping up a notice window to
    avoid future confusion.

    So, in short it is probably that you sound card hardware is
    simply incapable of recording higher than 48kHz. Yet it's a
    mistake on my part for note making this more obivous.

    Hope this helps,

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-07-09

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    Fixed in 0.8.2beta

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-07-09
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